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  1. Work RS Lock Nut Key

    Cheers, will do. I can only think that I left the key on one of the nuts and then went for a drive
  2. Work RS Lock Nut Key

    Is this true? I've lost my key as well (soo frustrated). Will the Australian distributors supply them or do I have to contact WORK directly?
  3. Chaser 1996 - $1

    Make : CHASER Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $1 Condition : Used $old
  4. Many Toyota ECUs including the 1JZ's cannot be remapped. Look at getting Power FC, Greddy E-Manage, HKS F-Con etc.
  5. Bogan Neighbours & loud music

    I don't think there is an EPA guideline for a noise threshold in SA. As long as it's causing you grief you have the right to complain. Check this page: http://www.sapolice.sa.gov.au/sapol/home/faq.jsp And make a police report. I've done it before and it took them around 20 minutes to get it sorted.
  6. New to SEVS: Crown sedan and wagon

    That's awesome! It will be great to see some of these on our roads. iirc the latest Crowns that were previously available were the S130s?
  7. Best to pay them on the day rather than give them your CC details
  8. Defects and you

    That's exactly what happened to me. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same bloke. But with that said you can still be defected for having worn seats.
  9. Maybe we should all go to lonsdale instead??
  10. Sinergy Motorsports - opinions?

    I had a look at the V35 in their yard today and it looked pretty straight from what I could see. But you're right in that the car had no service history or documentation :/ I think I might give Kristian a yell and see what he can get from Japan.
  11. Sinergy Motorsports - opinions?

    Is there a standard warranty already with vehicles purchased from Sinergy??
  12. They sent me back because of 'excessive oil leaks'.
  13. If the BOV was originally a plumb back then that's the way it should go thru regency Turbo timer should be removed. Put EVERYTHING back to stock. This includes steering wheel, rims if they are too large or have too positive offset, suspension, any visible engine mods. Basically if it ain't ADR approved they can send you back - without the defect clearance slip. If you have a pod filter make sure it's mounted to the chassis. Otherwise, use the stock intake. Make sure your tyres aren't worn in any way Check for and clean up oil leaks If you have after market tint and think it might be too dark, it's likely the inspector will also think it's too dark. An obvious tip - make sure all your headlights, indicators, wipers and horn work. That is the first thing they will check. Often you will have to go over the pits. This is where they will check your car for oil leaks or chassis / suspension damage. Make sure any rubber boots are still in tact and have not perished. This includes steering rack boots and strut boots. Last time I went through, the inspection process was as follows: Check headlights, brake lights, indicators, wipers and horns Pops the hood and has a VERY good look. You had better be sure that your engine bay is a stock as a rock. Do make sure that your engine number matches the one on the rego papers. Inspector checks if the suspension works. He will check if your car is at a legal ride height. He will try and determine if there is enough damping. Make sure your suspension isn't as hard as a rock. Inspector gets in and checks that your seats are in working order. He checks to see if your steering wheel is straight. Over the pits and checking for leaks and damage underneath You drive off the pits and onto the rollers to check braking performance. So make sure your brakes are in working order! Last tip: you are likely not to make it through the first time. Don't fret as the second inspection costs less as it's not a full inspection like the first time.
  14. Sinergy Motorsports - opinions?

    I'd get an S15 but I really need 4 doors
  15. Sinergy Motorsports - opinions?

    Pretty keen so might drop by this tuesday and have a look at what they got to offer