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  1. Some times gets used

    We are not worthy.
  2. Price : $900 Condition : Used Selling a full set (x4) of Work VSKF They have a bit of rash on 2 of the wheels... Other than that, fairly mint. sizes are 17x8 +36 , 5×114.3 tyres are new 205/40/17 $900 ono Cheers
  3. C35 Laurel /// HIT AND RUN

    Such a shit bloke.
  4. Matty T's BNR32 GTR

    You're all kinds of dead to me if you buy Varrstoen's...
  5. nisskid's C33 Laurel

    FJ20 or you're dead to me. I'll be waiting at the airport terminal to kick you in the dick if It isn't.
  6. He does but It should be revoked after not being able to drop a static in his EF.
  7. Some times gets used

    Why the need for a s-chassis? It's just going to sit and do sweet f**k all. Atleast with the Laurel you're roughly 0.3x cooler than a s-chassis owner.
  8. f**king shit, *milkshakes* keep hitting it.
  9. Get out of my members ride thread.
  10. What? No, f**k off its mine. Get your own.
  11. Hey Craig, want a Froffin' t-shirt?
  12. nisskid's 32 4 door

    My finger longs for your belly button.
  13. Pistol Pete's 6L S15 Hit & Run - new vids!

    Everybody just shut the f**k up... I have an erection.
  14. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    I just think you're failing to realize that a poorly built cage poses a bigger risk than not running one at all.
  15. Craigs super slapper special

    I come for the skids... I stay for Sonic because I loooooooooooooove Sonic.