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  1. J's Beams 3sge KE70

    Not much has been happening just getting through all the small jobs. My new ASD hydro handbrake turned up last week as well as a few other little bits. I should have the hydro plumbed up by Wednesday and have the fuel system finished off. Its then off to get a Link G4+ storm ecu wired up and the body loom cleaned up. Not the gear knob i will be using just wanted to make sure it couldn't hit the handbrake.
  2. J's Beams 3sge KE70

    Well the car is slowly coming together, I'm still just fitting everything in the engine bay at the moment. I picked up a heap of speedflow gear tonight so i can start making the fuel hoses, hard lines and breather hoses. Dave from AJPS also dropped off 110mm kelway velocity stacks which fitted perfectly.
  3. J's Beams 3sge KE70

    haha half throttle should probably do it ya reckon. Cheers Simon, im hoping to enter a few more comps now. The 4age was good fun but really hard work when I was always chasing turbo cars, this should close the gap a bit.
  4. J's Beams 3sge KE70

    Had a stuffed chassis rail so its getting parted out
  5. J's Beams 3sge KE70

    ]Thought i would do a bit of an update since a lot has changed since my last one. Basically the car was wrecked at Australia day matsuri this year so I decided it was a good time to rebuild and get the Beams 3sge conversion happening. The is now sporting a tube front end, front tubs and new trans tunnel at accommodate the J160 six speed box. Drift prac at the begining of the year [fbvideo][/fbvideo] Australia day weekend The car was then taken to Rising Sun Motorsport to start the fab work I got the car back looking straight again How its sitting now, just going through the test fitting stage
  6. J's Beams 3sge KE70

    G1 tomorrow will be the last event this car is 4age powered, I decided to put a BEAMS 3sge into this car. Heres a couple of videos from last weekend, I had an awesome night doing tadems with Sven and his 2JZ 180sx http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Hl0i-QRVe8
  7. J's Beams 3sge KE70

    I ended up at JDM X park last sunday,i didnt plan to go there but i had been working on the car a few days before hand and thought i might as well go and do some drifting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMj_vRtci44
  8. J's Beams 3sge KE70

    I had an awesome time last night at drift prac. It was the first prac running Achilles 122's on the rear, i had a bit of a play around with the pressures and was really happy with them. The car ran great and had a few good runs with a mates s13. A few images from facebook http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ht4S6fMrkU8
  9. Damn im working that weekend. I had an awesome time at the last one, my driving improved a lot in one day thanks to all the tips I got from the instructors.
  10. J's Beams 3sge KE70

    Thanks mate, the yellow car was a t-18, tyre stacks on that part of the track suck I hit them and so did the blue 86.
  11. J's Beams 3sge KE70

    yeah everytime i put a new set of rears on it really upsets the car until they are worn down.
  12. J's Beams 3sge KE70

    yeah its been super reliable and fairly cheap to keep it on the track.
  13. J's Beams 3sge KE70