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  1. Price : $150 Condition : Used Hey all Have for sale tail shaft to suit Rb25 gearbox conversions in R32's, Ceffy's or S13's Was used in an Sr-R32 with 25 box so no exactly sure what else it will fit. Length is 1300mm from flrange to flange as seen in pic. Just measure to make sure it will fit your car first!! No longer need this as plans have changed $150 Not willing to post. contact on 0410 467 787. Cheers, Sam
  2. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Yeh thought that was the case. Good simple design but not for everyone i guess. Ill stick to a rack relocation and some decent well thought out knuckles. keep it simple and spend more time behind the wheel :-)
  3. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Is it just me or does it look like wise fab gives you really messed up acherman?... Looks like 'toe in' in that photo. Also barely any castor or camber means a lot of wheel work... Unless they're running a trailing spindle design so it steers like a shopping trolley :-P Still... not a fan!
  4. G1 Round 2

    So your saying that Christian would have bee awarded the win just because its new? If this is the case it explains the qualify line up a lot for me.... Im not doubting Christians driving skill, Not at all. But even as he stated himself he didnt mean to do it and from where i was standing it sure looked like that aswell. Not trying to open a can of worms as usual on NS, Im just having my say. Even with the varied driving styles from comp to comp the top 5 qualify line up always looks very similar. Wondering if its for the one simple reason of more skillful drivers??....
  5. sr20 into r32 skyline

    even if that was true, you have an extra 1000rpm minimum to play with, that means an extra 500rpm of powerband. you understand why power is such a relevant measurement as it's torque x power? because more rpm = ability to gear it down to achieve the same top speed in each gear, that means you get more torque. for example say you have 1 engine that revs to 10,000rpm, the other revs to 5,000rpm, and they are 1:1 ratio on the road, lets say their tyres are 1m circumference so every rotation of the engine they travel 1 meter, the car with 5,000rpm will have a top speed of 5,000 meters per minute, or 300km/h, the car with 10,000rpm will have a top speed of 600km/h, so for the car with 10,000rpm, if it only wants to go to 300km/h, it can go a 1:2 ratio, so now for ever rotation of the engine it only goes half a meter, so this bring it's speed down to 300km/h, but it doubles the torque over the whole rev range now having the 1:2 ratio. Nisskid, I am a bit confused. You say for every engine rotation the wheels rotate you half a meter. So to get this 300km/h or 5,000 meters per minuet. Wont the engine still have to rev to 10,000rpm to achieve this? So how does this increase engine torque? I've had a few drinks already so that may be the reason why I am confused so don't flame me if I'm wrong yes but it's basic gearing, it's like comparing 1st gear to 2nd gear, the 1st gear has a lower gearing giving u more torque, but less top speed, 2nd gear has less torque but more top speed. another example, say both car have the same gearboxes and all else the same. you have a race to 100k's an hour, now you can only select 1 gear, either 1st or 2nd. both are normally rev limited to 5000rpm, and normally this would mean ur on the rev limit by 50km/h in first gear, 100km/h in the 2nd gear. but if one car was able to up the rev limit to 10,000rpm which meant they were able to keep going after 5000rpm where they'd usually hit the limiter at 50km/h, all the way up to 100km/h, still in first gear. so one car is able to get to 100km/h in first gear, but the other car has to be in 2nd. so one car is going to have the "acceleration" of 1st gear all the way up to 100km/h and will beat the other car. Wow man iv'e seen some pretty stupid posts/arguements by you in many different forums but this takes the cake for sure! Nice funny read though
  6. Tyre Review thread.

    Jap ones are RE01R's not 001's. Not sure if you can get them locally though.
  7. Dunno his name but it's RB26. was brought in by Jap Import Spares
  8. Speedhunters G1 coverage

    Good pics. great to see some different angle shots of mallala other than the norm .
  9. Is this still happening or is it just G1 now?

    Too bad about the crash man but you'll be back.. :-)
  11. G1 results?

    That was me. Kinda hard work making it into top 16 them your first battle is against top qualifyer.. Had fun though. you did well mate and you got a rerun so you'd be cheering Cheers guys, was happy with how i went. Bit more power and grip and ill give it another go
  12. G1 results?

    That was me. Kinda hard work making it into top 16 them your first battle is against top qualifyer.. Had fun though.