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  1. S13/180sx Goodies

    PM Sent
  2. S13 parts galore

    Another PM sent
  3. S13 parts galore

    Pm sent mate.
  4. S13 parts galore

    Do you have the S13 front LCA's?
  5. WTB QLD: Front s13/180SX LCA's

  6. WTB QLD: Front s13/180SX LCA's

    Had no idea these things were so rare...
  7. Hi all, Im looking for some S13 or 180SX front lower control arms. In good condition (ie not bend or cracked) but Im not fussed on the condition of the balljoints. Looking for pickup from Brisbane / Bayside area but will pay for postage if need be. Cheers, Jon
  8. Hi Guys, Am chasing a 180SX Type X dash cluster to replace my faulty one. Obviously I want one in working order and will pay for postage or pick up. Thanks, Jon
  9. The sound only occurs when he takes off, no bumps or turns needed. I think Ive found the problem though. We put it on the stands and he drove the rear wheels while i put a screwdriver to different stationery points around the upright. The sound didnt happen all the time but when it happened it was apparent it was the splines on the shaft shifting. I couldn't get the hub nut off so he's going to take it to a CV place.
  10. Hi everyone, Ok, so my mates got an almost dead stock S15. The suspension is OEM apart from the rear swaybar. From a stand still, when he takes off no matter at what speed, a twanging sound can be heard from the left hand rear wheel area. It almost sounds like the strut spring is binding. He can make it not happen if he takes off VERY slowly but accelerating normally cause the issue. The previous owner put some cheap rear toe arms in so replaced those with the stock units. This lessened the feeling through the body of the car but the noise is still apparent. So far Ive checked the following: Brakes Bushes, LCA, Uprights, Diff, Subframe, All the little arms Play in the driveshafts (seems minimal) Propshaft play (again, minimal) Checked the wheels (R34 GTR) seat on the hub correctly. nothing is hitting such as the exhaust etc. Hub nut was tight. Refitted the plastic on the bottom of the spring strut Ive read alot about people having clunky rear ends due to diffs, transmissions ect but this car is never tracked and is quite subtle. Both seem fine. My only other train of thought is that the shaft teeth have worn out creating play. Im going to check that next. Failing that were going to drive the car on stands and see if we can replicate the noise, apparently this has been done once with success but once the noise occurs it never happens again which leads me to think it needs forward/ backward load to make the noise and the reset, hence the shaft/ teeth idea mentioned earlier. Anyone else have a similar problem, anyone got any suggestions on what to check next?...would appreciate the time. Cheers, Jon
  11. Excuse my ignorance but whats the benefit of putting in an S15 subframe. I know the S14 subframe is wider and has more bracing then the S13 but to my knowledge, isnt the S15 the narrowest of the 3 rear subframes (13, 14, 15)? Want to know because I was looking at putting in an S14 subframe to match my front S14 LCA's in terms of track.
  12. Thats it, reading this thread has convinced me that Ive spent way to much money on building my car and not enough time behind the wheel. Gonna scrap the next skid pan day and spend those funds on the 8th Dec at Lakeside... From what you guys have done and the great laptimes (and fun) you guys are having, Im majorly missing out...Im gonna go out out put myself through a pace or two... Massive kudos to you man, great reading for sure.
  13. Cops have no idea on defects

    I find that In QLD they treat you with respect if you dont have any previous offenses in the hooning department. Ive had cops pull me over, random breath tests and license checks and mention my wheels are abit 'big' and my rear seats are gone. Once they clear my history and see Ive only had minor speeding infringements and no hooning offenses they bid me farewell and send me on my way. Ive even seen a cop follow me, Ive pulled into someones drive way and been blocked in, just as I go to get out and pretend to go to the house the cop pulls me up, checks the car license etc and asks me why Im at this address, I just laughed and told him I wanted to see what he would do...he laughed and went on his merry way... Maybe Im just lucky...touch wood.