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  1. Sa active members role call

    I am still an active member, every now and then I check to see what's happening
  2. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Up for sale is my s14 track car. All the details are on the link below. Can contact me on 0421 950 372 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/st-marys/cars-vans-utes/nissan-s14-track-car/1036240198
  3. NS.com tow cars (and trailer hire)

    Hey guys a opportunity has come up and at this stage I need a little extra cash, so I am thinking about selling my little tow truck. If your interested you can contact me on 0421950372
  4. AAMI Crash repairers

    Most insurance company's allow time to mix and match the colour. Aami are ok to deal with but like all insurance company's they only pay for what was caused in the accident. They won't pay for previous damage on the same panel to be fixed and same with fading or flaking paint. Best thing to do is ask the repairer about what will be allowed and if your not happy you can always pay a little bit more and get the job done they way you like it. If that's the case they will probably do the extra work at a discounted price.
  5. fancy restaurants in Adelaide

    Vileroy on Kensington road Across from Holden's or the Haus in hahndorf both do amazing food.
  6. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    f**k yeah Ben every thing sounds good can't wait to see it at lala!
  7. AIR broken into over the weekend.

    Wankers. They probably won't have the drags next meet. And apparently they were going to open the full quarter to the street cars. Hope they sort it all out will be a shame.
  8. 2 cars stolen from croydon tafe 26/4/12 4pm

    f**king bull shit. It happens often there. Should up the security.
  9. Private day, 2 spots left, may 14!

    Hey any sports left i am keen.
  10. 2012 summer matsuri

    I had a good day out, had a little trouble with the heat and had to play with tyre pressure but was all good. Every one was good to watch some real good battles. Pickering and chris with the red s14 had some good runs
  11. 2012 summer matsuri

    I booked in yesterday and i am pumped cant wait.
  12. Silvia Revival...

    can not wait to see what comes out
  13. Mt Alma Mile 2012

    I would be keen to give it a shot.
  14. mallala drift prac

    Was good but just so wet!
  15. mallala drift prac

    I should be out on saturday, every thing is ready to go just need to pick up my mates trailer.