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    evolution 8 aussie
  1. EVO I - III

    next time YOU GUYS join this MEEK cruize so someone can hold my camera!! normally from west sydney to somewhere and grab a snack... then back together for some photos... then do some silly things in some car parks... then go home... simple friendly cruize... this is dark... but its ok to listen to for a sec... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqosVcqF00U
  2. Evo-tuned.com members post here!

    I FOUND YOU MITCH!!! NAME: evoass (the real one), Spring Roll, or Simon RIDE: 05 oz evo 8 PREVIOUS RIDES: Civic, Corolla, Echo, colt (oldschool) with the power lever!!!, heaps of other junkyard cars. STATE: NSW INTERESTS: motor bikes to be honest. OCCUPATION: CHEF/consultant for anything. BIRTH: BLACKTOWN HOSPITAL in the 80's... gave me an OUTTy.... MY RIDE ATM also for sale...
  3. EVO members

    mines here... actually for sale... but not for the bargain hunter... its more for the guy who wants piece of mind. and to go fast.
  4. Wanting to Buy ONE

    well my car is for sale. oh well too late... DOH!
  5. What tyres have you got on your evo?

    hey nobody mentioned the pirelli's?? anyway they came stock with the car when i bought it.... i switched to some cheap bf goodriche tyres and had 3 acco's.... anyway... i dont blame the tyres, but in many cases you get what you pay for... the pirellis dont last as long.. (no where near) compared to your cheaper options (harder rubber) but they kick ass for street use... bridgestone have nothing but good reviews in the evo community. 01 001.... good stuff...
  6. Engine: 20g turbo by gtpumps, ralliart ign cables, ralliart water thermostat, MR bov, meek turbo outlet, meek intercooler pipe kit, meek intake pipe (using stock airbox coz i LIKE it), buddyclub cams 264/272 and cam gears, greddy profec bspecII ebc, KN panel filter, group N x4 ralliart engine mounts, ralliart shifter bushes.... cant remember any more... Hmmm... Exhaust: ported oem manifold, xs front pipe 3", xs 3"cat, 5zigen 3"catback (stock item in shed, the stock catback is quiet and nets more mid and bottom torque so you go faster on the street) Suspension: tanabe springs (stock springs in shed, probably beeter all round) Wheels: enkei rp-03 17x8.5 matched and balance to oem spec, pirrelli street tyres Modifications: Ummm... Hmmm.. body kit on its way. finished sanding the c west kit, and greddy plastic front lip with carbon insterts... Stereo Audio / Visual: dvd player n stuff JBL speakers replacing all stock speakers running of the deck Estimated Power: 250kw atw, 500-550Nm 25psi WHERE EVERYTHING IS DONE! DONE ONCE DONE RIGHT! bits n pieces throughout the process of making these TOP MODS! they get to the source... engine mounts dont require a stiffy if you get the correct ones... these guys i trust coz they actually test their parts and get feedback with individual client. installing a sway bar could be done wrong if you dunno which bolt goes first... simple, but more effective if done correct... timing belt changed with everything recommended. couple of bearings, couple of belts and seals n stuff... my front lip is SUPER BENDY! products ARE FABRICATED IN OZ!!!! CAST GOOD. i want my car to last. SS not my thing... i seen them crack in one day, but some lasted years... ohwell... see ONE cracked one at MEEK and also see ONE copy of this product and see the difference at meek... funny... Dyno. inside... outside i rushed this post... sorry for any mistakes. gotta work... i come back later to see some familiar names i know in person on this forum.
  7. evo viii

    my car
  8. STATE: NSW WORKSHOP: MEEK & GTPUMPS (next door to each other) WORK DONE: EVO/GSR/VR4 work. personally they worked on my evo 8 from day 1... daily driven on 25psi @ 250Kw stock ecu 0 Knock... 20Gturbo, cams, exhaust etc ... ... ... ... PRICE: Havent found better. they give advise which is priceless. QUALITY OF WORK AND SERVICE: while service is minimal, these guys dont work on anything BUT evo and evo related cars, quality on workmanship (installing a part) is unmatched. from installing a sway bar (correctly which bolts first and last) to rebuilding your engine almost over night if needed... and yes they will see anything else thats wrong or not so good with your car and inform you about it.. anyway they have been referred to as doctors for evo many times..