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    Very nice looking gun metal grey S14 s2 at Deakin Uni today.
  2. Free Ken Block Tickets

    Is there no more available?
  3. Return pipe from bov

    What do you guys use to block off the intake pipe from the bov? Its not rubber like the exit pipe? Its plastic
  4. Nulon Engine Flush

    I just started the thread because I wasn't 100% sure if I were to put the whole bottle into the engine.
  5. Nulon Engine Flush

    All went well. Just followed the instructions on the bottle.
  6. Return pipe from bov

    I think I will just block them up with the end of a chair leg or bottle cap, just for the fact that it takes about 2 mins to return back to normal. Are you talking about the acuator pipe?
  7. Return pipe from bov

    Anybody want to shed some light
  8. Return pipe from bov

    Do i just disconnect the DV Exit pipe, and the DV Intake and block them? Is that all i need to do?
  9. Return pipe from bov

    Anyone? I have searched but couldn't find a relevant thread. (tutorial)
  10. Hey guys. Was looking at my bov today to block the return hose. Except I'm not sure which one. Can anybody lead me in the right direction?
  11. Yeah i might do that today
  12. Just want to confirm, I put the whole bottle into my engine, run it for 10-15 minutes on idle, and then drop the old oil and fill with the fresh batch?
  13. Jobs That Pay Decent Cash $$$

    Call center $20 n hour
  14. Does anybody have any real experience with removing it?