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  1. Black 2002 Spec S for sale

    Car is sold now guys. Thanks Car is sold now guys. Thanks
  2. Black 2002 Spec S for sale

    Forgot to say im in Doncaster Victoria. Cheers
  3. Black 2002 Spec S for sale

    Hi guys, looking to sell my S15. I bought it new back in 2002 and was one of the last cars delivered. Its got 120k on the clock. Has the following - Freshly built top end with receipts New exedy clutch and solid flywheel New tyres 225's front and 265's rear on 18" rims New 3" full exhaust Blitz FMIC 550cc Atomi Injectors Atomi in tank fuel pump SAFC II and blitz boost controller Its got around 200rwkw but who really knows. Seeking around $14k ono. No swaps. Great car and much loved. Can supply roadie or without for but cheaper as needs windscreem fixing due to stone. Any questions let me know Cheers Matt Matt75200sx@gmail.com is best as not on here much these days
  4. Hey Guys, Put in a new battery and screwed up putting in the code (which I have) and now I get errr code and it's locked How can I reset the unit?. I'll try unplugging the battery overnight but other than that what else can I do? Cheers, Matt
  5. Post a pic of your s15

    Hi Guys, This is my baby Matt
  6. Track Racing a S15

    Thanks Guys, Thanks for the replies. You are right. I don't want to waste time and money doin shit that I won't understand or appreciate unitll the driving ability improves. Cheers Matt
  7. Hi Guys, I am keen to get into Track Racing and have done some basic mods on the car - Full 3" Exhaust Pod Filter Intercooler Blitz Boost Controller (SBC) Apex'i SAFC II 550cc Tomei Injectors Tomei In Tank Full Pump Good for around 200rwkw depending on dyno and weather. I have done nothing to suspension or brakes atm and wondered what you guys would suggest I am running 18" rims with 225 at the front and 265 at the rears. Any ideas / help is appreciated. Matt
  8. Matts Car

    2002 200sx (S15)<br />Blitz Intercooler<br />Full 3" Exhaust<br />Blitz Pod Filter<br />Blitz Boost Controller<br />Apex'i SAFC II<br />555cc Tomei Injectors<br />Tomei Fuel Pump<br /><br />
  9. Fitting Fuel Surge Tank

    So I need the place the new pump between the surge tank and the injectors as close the tank as possible? What pump is recommended to use for this application? Cheers Matt
  10. Hi Guys, Does anyone know if you can install a fuel surge tank but keep the fuel pump already in the fuel tank? The reason for my question is that I have already installed a Tomei fuel pump and don;t want to have to buy more pumps if I don;t have to. Thanks in advance. Matt