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  1. New cruise days?

    apparently NSW
  2. My first s13, need advise

    i run 17x9+12 and 17x9.5+12 on mine with 215s all round. anything from +5-+20 will be good. really depends on what your looking for though..
  3. Aero bar

    sometimes its hard to just pay cash and want things to be for sale. just shoot streeter an email.. easy as f**k.
  4. My WheelWhore Skills don't pay the bills... :(

    jason it would have been done ages ago if he didn't buy as much wheels as he does. ultimate wheel whore.
  5. well for the next season they can figure out what the f**k is wrong with my car. great ep boys but yeah as i was watching that i couldn't help but notice the high compression readings. and unbolting things over a deep drain? hmm.
  6. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    Pretty much pulled the dash out, fitted the stereo then after i put it back together they wouldnt work (the work lights).. doesnt blow the fuse when the are switched on , but as soon as they get switched off the fuse blows? will get my brother to have a sus when i get back. also found out why the aircon doesnt work.. has no belt and the idler pulley is f**ked hahaha may sound a little silly because im not sure why you'd do it, but did you by any chance wire your stereo to any wires leading to your lights? could be making a power output more than the fuse can handle making it blow. I had my boost guage light wired to my lights and it blew everytime i tried turning the lights on.
  7. this makes me froth every time i look at it :drool:

    skidder. when it worked.
  9. nisskid's 32 4 door

    i replayed that first reverse entry about 10 times. frothin.
  10. Cars like Pokemon, Gotta catch em all.

    kind of sad to see the sileighty like that. give it a f**kin wash billie!
  11. yeah id definitely want to come have a geeze at G1 if i do come. driving spots you say...
  12. no scene? no cars at AJD? pwoah. Has to be a million times better than here in WA. everyone goes nuts over lift kits and huge tyres and mudflaps on the back of ya vs with ss badges and a zorst. all of which im not exactly fan of