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  1. Hi guys Anyone on forum have experience with mamba gtx2976r Just wanna know how good is that comparing to gtx3076r Turbo gurus pls help Looking for better response than gtx3071r gen1 Would love to have Garrett gtx3071r gen2 but limited budget tho Thanks in advance
  2. rb25det gearbox power potential

    PPG is a must then thanks guys I really don't trust info on other forums other than NS & SAU Cheers
  3. after couple days search on the net I could not find proper answer for it some says 400hp , 600hp and 1000hp blew my sr last August at drag strip and moved on with forged built rb26 with PTE6466. running mt full slicks. using anti-lag launch control. will standard rb25 turbo box handle it for a year. pls advise
  4. I'm trying to find courier service to delivet bonnet and front fenders from morriset 2264 to girraween 2145. tried fastway they don't do it I'm from girraween by the way do we have any local guys around here ?
  5. gtx3582r .64 max out

    dude we only got av gas here and I cant afford run avgas on daily basis so stick to 1.8bar running yea?
  6. guys , I just wanna get max power out of my gtx35 on my built sr. currently I got 2 bar map sensor and car running 1.8 bars. I was thinking to put 3.5 bar map and boost it more. is it worth putting 3.5 bar map and boost it more? what's the boost should I run get max power out of this turbo? running 98 ron
  7. .63 or .82 (gtx3582r)

    thanks guys. I'm gonna get .63 cheers
  8. guys, just bought gtx3582r for my built srandered stroked sr. it got 272 or 280 toda cams which I don't remember exactly. car done up for drags and weekend ride. target 400rwkw+ what rear housing should I go for .63 or .82. don't wanna go for spilt rears since I use same manifold ( currently car got gtx3076 with .73 rear) thanks
  9. gtx35 or precision 6466

    I know it's rated 900hp while gtx35 capable of 750hp. read many pros in few supra forums where it compared with 6262 and gtx35 so spool up close to 6262. of course not as quick as gtx. just wondering how bad is it in terms of lag compare to gtx. whether it's worth to sacrifice bit of response for 150hp
  10. gtx35 or precision 6466

    will 6466 spool up quicker as gtx35???
  11. gtx35 or precision 6466

    built sr20 for drags
  12. having thoughts of upgrading the turbo. currently got gtx30. it's a built engine with 272 deg cams. did bit if research on gtx35 & 6466 but couldn't find good comparison. anyone on our forum using 6466? keen to know whether it spools quicker than gtx35 cheers
  13. supertech dealers on NS forum

    thanks mate champion !!!
  14. who are authorized supertech dealers in NS forum. one of my subie mate interested on their cam followers. wonder who does them on our forum so I can pm the dealer get a set of cam followers/buckets for him. cheers
  15. cosworth cams

    thanks champ that's what he got. perfect so we putting cosworth tomorrow