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  1. Price : $1,500 Condition : New Full set of Tein SS Coilovers with camber tops for an S13/180sx brand new never used
  2. Price : $2,200 Condition : New Brand new never used Work XD9 Wheels with Kumho KU36 tyres, Sunshine Coast Region 2x 18x9 +20 114.30 with 225/40 2x 18x10 +18 114.30 with 235/40
  3. Tyre Fitment on Rim

    you want to go on tyrestretch.com mate check out some sizes on there best way to see it and different brands and types of tyres stretch more or less
  4. tyre size time

    they are legally obligated to fit the correct width tyres to specific rim widths. they would do it if you took the rims in separate from the car as they could be passed off as 'offroad use only'. having said that, some tyre workshops don't give a shit about it regardless thats 100% correct as if anything happens in the time after having tyres stretched the tyre shop can be held responsible for any accidents
  5. Foam Gun

    Their useless as well they scrached the shit out of my patrol
  6. tyre size time

    Had the tyres fitted on saturday no one would touch them so I went to Bob Jane and said they were purely for a track car so they did the afte saying that for $25 each. Now the do have a fairly thick sidewall and they didn't give out the stretch I was after but look decent. I'll probably fo for a 215 and 225 combination next time
  7. I'm pretty sure you dnt have to change your rad support s14 serries 2 and s15 are practically identical it's the holes for the headlights you need that s13 and s14 serries 1 don't have
  8. S13.4 in the making

    got my wheels today they look awesome very happy with them, will be wrapping them in KU36's
  9. tyre size time

    what did you think about the tyres ? i know that their probably gonna be shit in the wet...
  10. tyre size time

    it looks decent in the pics but pics can sometimes look better than what they really are should be good then
  11. hey guys, got my Work XD9's today, 18x9s and 18x10s and am slapping some KU36 rubber on them 225-40 and 235-40 my question is does that amount of stretch look good i haven't seen any tyres stretched in person only on tyrestretch.com and pics on good old google and it hard to find a pic with good angle shots to get enough detail.
  12. S14 Parts Galore!

    any S14 series 2 corner lights for the right hand side ?
  13. I just put a s14 series two rad support in my s13 fit perfect I thought all the s chasis where the same width ?
  14. People have gotta stop say to buy PBM why buy their shit if you can buy stuff like solid bushes made here in AUS ? For very much the same price?