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  1. Your advice is spot on for people wanting to lose weight. But body recomp.... well that's another story.
  2. Skinny kid trying to get big

    This is one of the beginner programs. Don't change it. Eat frequent meals, 5-6 meals a day, protein in each meal. Steak, chicken, tuna, fish, fruits, veggies, oats, milk. Bodyweight in pounds x 20 cl is your calorie intake. For you it would be around 2500 calories, depending on your activity level as well. Follow this, and progressively add weights. You will grow if your effort is there and are consistent. "Now, if your a beginner, here is what you need to do, for between 3-12 months. Squat 3 x 10 Bench press 3 x 8 Bent row 3 x 8 Military press 3 x 8 SLDL 3 x 8 BB curl 3 x 8 "
  3. Skinny kid trying to get big

    You have just proven that you are a beginner by your reply. We are trying to help. Read over the newsletters and then come back and reply. Most of your questions will be answered. Boost what to the next level? lol 3 weight sessions a week is plenty, id say even 2 is plenty at your stage. To get big, you have to eat enough calories and protein. Your current equipment is not ideal but is workable if you don't wana buy new equipment or join a gym. If you have enough weights then you can still perform the basics of squatting, pressing, cleaning, and pulling.
  4. Failed goals...

    I'm not sure if there is. That's probably the only photo of Fadi on the website.
  5. Skinny kid trying to get big

    Pick up the bench press of the floor, clean it, do a front squat then overhead press it Do the beginners program, which requires a rack of some sort and decent weights. And go get some real food whilst your at it.
  6. Failed goals...

    Your answer may not be with the training but either your genetics or blood flow to the area. Fadi at Ausbb explains his theory well on blood circulation and why some body parts recover and grow quicker than others. Worth a read. http://ausbb.com/bodybuilding-training-discussions/9124-fadi-bodybuilding.html
  7. Weight Loss

    lol how can there not be a difference if one diet is 40-50% carbs and the other requires about 10%, (hypothetically) most diets at the same calorie level will probably produce the same weight loss, how ever when fat loss is concerned then we have to do more than just take in this much calories and you will lose weight, we have to consider what food our diet is made up of, i can almost guarantee that a diet that is high in fat and protein and low in carbs will lose more fat in a person than a diet high in carbs and moderate protein and low in fat, read up on some of the books by Lyle McDonald, Mauro DiPasquale and Dan Duchaine
  8. Weight Loss

    lol this thread is quiet hilarious, the forum is going back to how it was, everyone giving their 2 cents when they have no ff**king clue, the other forum is so much better lol and eating heaps of carbs to lose weight,
  9. oh crap, lol maybe i should have kept this to myself haha i guess im gona have to go buy a few more cases, but im glad a few people benefited
  10. Hey fellow bodybuilders , Just letting you guys know of cheap tuna in Melbourne. There is a place called UCG Wholesale foods which sell the Sole Mare brand tuna. It's the 185gm, 95gm varieties in Olive Oil. They also have the bigger size but in Sunflower oil. The 185gm variety is $1.99 per can, and $39.80 if you buy the 24pack. Works out to be about $1.66 per can. From memory the 95gm cans sell for 0.99 cents a can. This tuna has been by far one of the best tasting tunas i have tried, it comes in chunks and not that mashy crap. They also have the flavoured ones, Chilli, Tuna and Beans, Mexicana, etc. But nutrition value on these are not as good. Shop Details: Dandenong North Outlet Shop 1, 64 Outlook drive Dandenong North Mon-Fri 9-5pm 8.30-1.00pm Sat I have no personal interest in this business, just thought some of you guys might benefit, beats paying $3 plus a can at Coles and Woolworths. You are practically getting 185gm tuna for the price of 95gm.
  11. What you ate for Dinner

    i love red meat, iv been eating that minimum 5 days a week for nearly a year now, with tuna and chicken breast for the other meals, it does get a bit boring, try and use different herbs n spices, or alternate with fish every other day it would be nice to find something else to eat for dinner, but probably wont give you the same amount of protein or value for money Red meat, we where meant to eat
  12. pain when doing shoulder press

    Dont want to hijack ur thread but also thought id ask here since it its in the same nature. Paullie what you are describing is pretty much what is happening to me also, i get pain in the middle back, got some x-rays done and doctor said there is mild wedging of t10 and t11, exactly where it hurts, he said to get my back stronger doing exercises, now i haven't had any major accidents to cause this, but i wonder if it has been due to my lifting technique or have i also hyperextended my back in the process and why i have noticed it it hurts more, or maybe i was just born with it lol, the pain is more after i finish doing gym or doing military presses, when i am standing around on the spot for long hours or sitting down on a chair, it is really annoying caus it doesnt allow me to to lift as heavy as i could be, wedging he said occurs when there is a compression of the spine, like in major accidents or falls, i wonder if squats could have the same effect if i wasnt activating my core as suggested??
  13. ?? wat are you 10 years old... flame suite?... god your a wanker. lol your a wanker by saying the most stupidest thing on this website, why is it that fat people that go for walks are still fat? seriously you are a perfect example of a true faggot wanting to gain some attention knowing *swearing filters own me* ALL. first of all i said i walk and i do small jogs which is a combination. second of all my walks are 2.5hrs to 3hrs long... you tell me who sprints for 3 hours in one go? thirdly: im not trying to lose wieght im trying to keep my mass and lose the excess fat. you're body can't convert fat fast enough for energy, so it burns carbohydrates, then fat or muscle. Although cardio burns more calories, it's not always fat. It has been scientifically proven if you walk a mile you will burn more fat calories than running a mile When you run a mile, you’re burning mostly sugar, or carbohydrates, which is how your body gives you fast bursts of energy. But when you walk a mile, your body's metabolism takes time to switch from burning carbohydrates to burning fat. Now seeing that you only have "why are fat people still fat when they walk" to say, i recommend you stop commenting your useless sht and start contributing with positive ideas. Ditch the immature comments or piss off its that simple. mate your the one that thinks he knows it all, im not the one calling people wankers by making a small statement about your idiotic views iv herd all your crap above before, since when can you spot reduce fat and gain muscle?? lol your calling my posts useless and telling me to piss off and here you are recommending people to WALK to lose fat, you dont need to sprint for 3 hours, thats just stupid, fact is sprinting is harder than walking, so i suggest you keep walking and il keep sprinting, anyways leave it at that,
  14. ?? wat are you 10 years old... flame suite?... god your a wanker. lol your a wanker by saying the most stupidest thing on this website, why is it that fat people that go for walks are still fat?
  15. lol put ur flame suit on for saying the walking part.