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  1. The Youtube Thread

    Come On, Fudge Me Now
  2. The Youtube Thread

    Never kick a beer bottle! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uodDzXpTT6g&feature=related
  3. The Youtube Thread

    HAHAHAHAH win ! 2 babys !
  4. 2010 arnold classic

    ewww ? you make me laugh
  5. The Youtube Thread

    beatboxing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPopodzM0Kk&feature=related
  6. The Youtube Thread

    ray is a crazy fighter but last night just pissed me off it whent to fast lol paid 50 for nothing lol
  7. The Youtube Thread

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzgvKBt9wkk Holy crap that's quick!!
  8. thats just 1 sexy ass crazy ass looking car gw bro !
  9. The Youtube Thread

    good song good pics !
  10. The Youtube Thread

    ^^^^^^^^^ bauhahahahah i fuc.k slowly slowly slowly geting faster !!
  11. The offical 'Whats this song called' thread.

    OMG !!!!!!! you son of a bitch thank you sooo much bro hahaha im soooooooo happyyy wuhuuuu 3 years !!!! thanks again.
  12. The offical 'Whats this song called' thread.

    hey guys there this song iv been trying to find for like 3 years lmao i got fuc.k all info on it dont even no the words but saw it a long time ago and fell in love. its like a rock song i think and theres a older loooking guy singing in a jail his blond with long hair and his got a black gotie and 1 of his guitar guys is new zeland and his got like long hair dun in like 2 long plats on each side and they just kep singing in the jail and every 1s all angry and yelling and shit. i think theres 1 main guy and like 3 other guys any 1 got any idea ? it old school thanks.
  13. might be a repost sorry but this pic is the best pic in the world! the world craig !
  14. i weigh 117kgs and about 6'1 arms right now are 17.5 inches il be happy when i get to 19s long way to go