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  1. Price : $2,000 Condition : Good wheels are in brand new condition, only a little paint flake on lips ( witch is typical for watas) Pics
  2. My 1jz s13 Silvia

    Probs should up date. It made 294rwkw's on 20 psi with wheel spin! Need to get a boost controller, because its got a 1bar spring and it will only hold 20 psi.:mellow:just to get it on boost harder. Also got some ID 1000cc injectors, they are the bomb. Probs hit QR friday. need to get some new steer tyres tho. I just measured to the crank bolt from each chassy rail and put a level on the rocker covers, worked a treat!
  3. HPC coating Bris northside

    Had my 6 cylinder one done @ 'Thermal edge coating' 14 Matheson st Virginia Ph: 3265 3007. was $280 for 'Turbocoat' Was happy with the finished product. dan
  4. Turbo manifold problem.

    Thanks for the replys, its hitting boost cut @21 psi with the 1 bar spring with no boost controller. and still more in it yet. And yeah it was made by me, Taking it apart on the weekend. thinking of adding three 20nb pipes into the manifold like this: That go into the gate port. What yous think? And it is cracking gate but not enough gases are releasing to control boost.
  5. Got a problem with my manifold design? Basically the tuner said the manifold was to efficient? No exhaust going out the gate. Anyone had this problem? anyways to get around this? because i can't really move the gate because of space restriction's. Add more pipes into gate? Spec's 1jz gte (jzx90) gt35r .82r tial 44 mm ext gate 1bar spring
  6. My 1jz s13 Silvia

    Dunno yet man. ill let you know. Ill call up the mod plate guy on Monday see what he says. I am a mechanical engineer by trade. So maybe that will work in my favor?
  7. My 1jz s13 Silvia

    Went on the dyno on Thursday will not control boost properly? gonna modify the manifold this week. see if i can get it to hold a steady 1 bar. anyway went for a strap around the block tonight, f**king animal Gonna try get some rego on it this week to .Anyone in Brisbane Hook me up
  8. Are you after bulk? Or just for your car? If your after steam pipe for turbo manifolds, I can get that cheapish can get 45,90,180 bends in different nominal bores. I get my pipe from smogon steel and bends from rob bliss. Have never compared price's to any were else tho.
  9. Ghost-Mobile

    Nice, usually not a fan of vskf's, but there really suit it, just need a front pair and more low.
  10. My 1jz s13 Silvia

    Made up all my turbo lines today.
  11. My 1jz s13 Silvia

    Thanks man, it didn't end up costing as much as i thought it would. About $800 for everything, pump's,fittings,adjustable fpr.Fuel lines (full braided feed and return) But i get trade prices and i made the surge tank and all the brackets and shit. Koguchi: thanks for the comment, wont be stock body for to much longer. Going over fenders for the rear. see how that look's with the aero kit. Hopefully kick this slut over this week see if she will run.
  12. My 1jz s13 Silvia

    Finished up the engine harness and did the fuel system. also cut off all the trc.
  13. My 1jz s13 Silvia

    Bit of an update. for yous. Finishing up all the wiring n shit this weekend hopefully ruining next weekend, still needs moar low!
  14. My 1jz s13 Silvia

    ^^Thanks man, i used jzx90 insulator s and then made a bracket to hold it to the sub frame. The gearbox mount was made from scratch. On other news took the car back last weekend cuz shit was taking to long. Got car strip back again to redo some shit. motivation is high and did a shit load of work on it this week. Pics tomorrow.
  15. You getting braided lines? Fronts will be sweet if your talking about the clip that holds the line to the wheel arch ?Can always make it fit hehe Edit. The thread will be the same too