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  1. yea Im hoping for around 100kwatw cam starts at 3300rpm and finishes at 8000rpm iv done a lot of internal work
  2. so over the last month have been busy got the ke nearly back together as you can see in pics motor is together
  3. --SRplenty Kay E 70----Apocalyptic Hunters

    put 4.3 in it
  4. iv been very busy but the ke70 is now starting look like a car again here are some pics
  5. been very busy top coat is all done came out now it time for the fun part
  6. sil80 now sold

    sold now so time to finish the ke70
  7. so been very busy with the ke took it to my work and sand blasted the whole the black primer the car now its back home fixing rust fitted my boot lip now getting it ready for nice new white paint
  8. sil80 now sold

    you should buy it back and put the 25 in it if I don't sell it in 2 weeks ill keep it
  9. sil80 now sold

    need money to finish my ke70 but if I don't get $4000 for it I just keep it all it needs is a sr or rb turbo motor and it will go killa
  10. sil80 now sold

    now for sale with out the wheels $4000
  11. sil80 now sold

    ok yea will take it out and have a look
  12. sil80 now sold

    hi do you no what fuel pump is in this car