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  1. jz power'd s13

    lol haha chur
  2. jz power'd s13

    got some new foots 18x9.5" + 22p with 215/40s crap pic's... also have full 6 point cage to weld in at some point, will still stay fully street legal....
  3. jz power'd s13

    and im from across the ditch, aka NZ chur
  4. jz power'd s13

    LOL............a exhaust system on the oppisite isn 't exactly hard in any means FFS......yes it scrapes on speed bumps....... nothings a head F**K...... i done the wiring.... intercooler set up, me and my mate modified the exhaust to suit etc etc but the motor cost me $1800, G-box $1000, and then STD AFM - STD ECU, flywheel, clutch etc etc all up certed 4.5K...give or take
  5. jz power'd s13

    haha heres why i went with the jz after my sr20 decided to do this when skidding........ melted number 4 ha ha
  6. jz power'd s13

    some more pics.. custom dump pipe and exhaust system shifter location with remote shift w58 fuel system in boot, walbro 500hp pump and 2lt surge tank with gtr lift pump
  7. jz power'd s13

    yeah planning on going with a garett ta3410, pretty much a bush bearing gt3540, and sopme 550cc injectors and a link extreme ecu
  8. jz power'd s13

    heres some pics of my daily drivin s13, yes and no specs etc 1jzgte vvti single turbo w58 remote shift gearbox, analog remote billlet steel flywheel custom 5 puk clutch custom drive shaft custom engine and gearbox mounts, chur salty's customs's custom full 3inch of turbo straight through exhaust, with bozo pipe......chur 52mm twintank alloy radiator full custom fmic setup 500hp walbro ex fuel pump GTR lift pump 2LT surge tank in boot aftr oil cooler and remote filter blitz bov/plumed back fuel press reg gizzmo MS ibc cold air intake custom dash setup, jzx100 tacho and speedo in s13 cluster water sprayer setup BC gold suspension rear camber arms subframe lockers locked diff nismo strut braces F/R 2k black GTR front grill clear f side lights removed gay front yellow spots pig nose dspec front lip custom drift/drag wing, i made that..... Durrrrr s15 front seats, better that s13 piles of turd 17x8 work rims, crapo off set, better than most, maybe 313hpatw @ 14.6psi, stock ecu, stock turbo, was running 10.5:1 afr's up top end.... cheers dan
  9. my stumpy surf

    yea goes alright in the mud nah they dont rub, only hit chassis rail when on full articulation
  10. my stumpy surf

    lol. edit
  11. my stumpy surf

    here's my 84 bob tailed surf running a 5mge supra motor (2.8 6cyl) cut down rear tail ( 12inch's ) 35" creepy's 3inch lift pro off road handbrake detroit rear locker front LSD runva 9000lb winch front bar rock sliders bit of fun..
  12. Landrover?

    they are a very good 4wd, very capible of road, not the best on gas though, and not the cheapest to fix, may be different in aussie, but they are costly to fix here in nz
  13. id go with the link, newer technology.
  14. What lift kit to get for my 89 4runner

    yea thats pretty cheap, considering it comes with new torshion bars, thats a good deal, id recomend getting some upperball joints spacers aswel