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    jzz30 soarer
  1. Euge's Soarer

    nice car mate didnt know you had one as a daily
  2. my jzz30 vertex soarer

    thanks mate its getting there ok got one side on before it started pissing down rain.. and yes some positive camber on front still havent changed control arms yet... once weather and time allows.. will be all swapped over.. sorry for shit pics from iphone.. was getting dark
  3. my jzz30 vertex soarer

    now officially a full set!! just gotta "wear out" these tyres to fit the semi slicks to these aswell hehe
  4. my jzz30 vertex soarer

    oh yeah got the full set of xd9's now.. the front ones arent new so have a few small scuffs might see if i can get them painted again..
  5. my jzz30 vertex soarer

    thanks eugene you have seen it up close! didnt get to see ya at superlap i said hello to gary heard you made it in the top 10 well done man! you were crazy driving with them lights you had hahaha ok bit of an update... have some genuine bride gias low max (1) in red/carbon kevlar with genuine bride low style rails. new genuine front bar.. mine touched a gutter and cracked it all underneath so going to use that as a track bar lol genuine front vertex canards genuine vertex deep dish 10th anniversary steering wheel genuine vertex front +25mm guards for the front to allow the +18's and big brakes when i get them whiteline swaybars front and rear. new front subframe, rack and control arms and new rack ends (dont trust ones from the crash as still cant get w/align right..) arp headstuds.. getting genuine head gasket and valve stem seals trd strut brace custom oil catch can made up soo... few pics.. need to get second seat in while im doing the roll cage..
  6. 300+rwkw project

    haha so still havent sold it yet or put that on hold
  7. my jzz30 vertex soarer

    took some photos last night/this morning lol cant wait to get the other xd9's for some good pics more to post up later net is being retarded
  8. my jzz30 vertex soarer

    yeah they are available in the 9 inch with the less dish for the brakes... but i am going to be running 2 rear 10 inch wheels for the more dish haha but +38 at the front and +18 at the rear to sit like the pics above with my cousins wheels on lol also be getting another pair of 235 ku36's for the rear.. will have less tread than now but should be more grippy lol try get some of the bloody power down haha yeah i can say honestly there are really nice soarers and there are some really really really nasty ones lol
  9. my jzz30 vertex soarer

    got a pair of my own 10 inch wide xd9's... well they just fit over the standard brakes at the front which means no big brake upgrade unless i space them out haha would need to lip or get 25mm over fenders though... so now to get the semi's on and see how they sit... is there any places in canberra good at stretching tyres?? they are 235/40 going on the 10 inch wide rims.. and also in the hunt for 2 more.. looking for some 18x10+18 for the rear. can get them from jdmconcept but they dont seem interested in replying so ill have to give them a call.. then need some more semi's lol
  10. 300+rwkw project

    haha need 30g overnight parts from japan to decimate that nissan!! and str8e180 i will be up for a tune as soon as my car decides to run!!!
  11. my jzz30 vertex soarer

    thanks alot of work has gone into it but nowhere near complete few more pics cause they are still on and i got my camera out lol
  12. MODIFIED JZX100 s2

    daaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm all i can say is f**king nice car!! lol awesome starting point just really needs bit more power as you are doing and it basically all done haha
  13. my jzz30 vertex soarer

    on another bit of an update.. tried on my cousins work emotion xd9's today see how they look... gotta say i love the rear not so the front because different sizes but i think with some 18's on front as well would look awesome... that and i still have to replace my control arms (the left hand front sits out a cm more from where it was crashed into) and dont worry bout the bar its just on until i get everything sorted with the 2jz and so i can get it onto hoists etc. ive told him if he ever sells them i would get them and try look around for different front ones to match the rears anyone interested in specs they are front 17x9.5 +17 225/45/17 rear 18x10.5 +18 245/40/18 few newer ones of the engine bay.. have to still clean up some things and sort out the fitment of stuff and pod cover etc.. and newer vid of the engine running right (had problems with fouling plugs and tps signals etc)
  14. my jzz30 vertex soarer

    hmmm... hey can you tell me on the power fc what voltages you get through your tps range? does it start at 0v at 0% then to 5v at 100% or backwards? i just want to try get it zero'd out to either fix it or take it out of the equasion... i know would be running rich now with the 650's and std computer running. i am going to try find a cable so i can use my laptop for the download of the tune.... and gotta figure out the setting up of running the greddy map sensor switch wise in the emanage..
  15. my jzz30 vertex soarer

    well i chucked heaps of injector cleaner through and ran until hot smoothed out alot but now having a problem when i idled it up it will cut out for a second then come back and keep doing it as in this other video. if anyone has any ideas let me know im thinking maybe tps problem??