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  1. silicone hose kits

    the silicon heater hose kits are killa but u will need to almost take inlet manifold off to get to them all. good when doing hed gasket and reassmbling..
  2. not even the motorplex consortium with millions of dollars can change anything!!! its not money or time it mike f**kin rann!!!
  3. Needed asap! Gtr injector resistor pack.

    got r34 one here sms sent. cheers
  4. Engines/Heads/Blocks/Cranks/Diffs.

    pm's replied.
  5. hey guys cleaning out the shed need all this stuff gone no reasonble offer refused! SR20DE Engine/Loom/ECU has manifolds. complete inlet minus injectors. 175,000kms from auto s13. $650 ono VG20 NA engine loom and ecu unkown condition. $350 VG30 NA engine. dodgey loom and ecu also. missing parts. $450 ono Misti GTO V6 4wd engine loom no ecu. $450 ono 13BT low comp. complete with manifolds etc... $450 ono W58 gearbox used on 4agze in ae86 custom x member made by a-spec. no bellhousing have shifter $150 w56 from old celica. complete with shifter. $150 Rx2 Gearbox with shift. unkown condition. rare as hens teeth $350 ono 2 X ca20 Box. 1 x bluebird s111 $150 1 x pinny $100 Rb20det silvertop head complte minus inlet camshaft. $200 ono 4age 20v Silvertop head complete minus manifolds. $250 ono 4agze 16v Head. Complete minus inlet cam gear. $250 ono S13 SR20DE head good nick no manifolds $250 ono S14 s2 Head No manifolds. missing vct gear. $250 ono RB20DET block and crank $100 Ca18det Bottom end complete with spund bearing. $150 SR20 Rocker covers S13 $50 each. SR20DET Cranks X2 unkown Condition. $100 each. R33 diffs: 5 bolt 4.1 Non ABS $200 ono 6 bolt 4.3 ABS $200 ono 6 Bolt Unsure NA r33 spec. $150 S series Diffs: r200: 6 bolt unkown ratio R200 $200 ono 6 bolt 3.9 R180 $150 ono 6 bolt 4.1 type x lsd. abs R200 $250 ono 5 bolt unkown ratio non abs R200 $200 ono S14 Lsd 4.3 6 bolt r200 non abs. $250 Jzx90/100 stock diff. $250 GTR rear Diff $250 IF U DONT LIKE THE PRICE MAKE AN OFFER ALL THIS STUFF HAS TO GO!! PLEASE PM OR EMAIL US FOR PICS!! LOCATED WINGFIELD S.A WILL POST AT UR EXPSENSE!! Cheers Smooth Garage 8244 4344
  6. front bar respray

    Phoneix Paint n Panel in wingfield killa job quick and cheap!!
  7. Alloy welding

  8. TD05 16g on sr20

  9. TD05 16g on sr20

    td06 17c.....
  10. black jzx81 seen and info wanted

    there's a black one for sale on here at the moment ask that dude but you be looking around 3000 for compleince. sone-3 is the dudes username...
  11. chromoly

    u cant have to order from syd or melb.... persuming its to make a cage. have a mate that is ordering some at the mo...
  12. Adam's s13 silvia RB 30 build - cheapskatin SlideSilly

    dont waste your time with junk 25/30's.... keep the RB30 cheaper to replace and way more realiable..... sweet build tho mate is killer
  13. Stolen Vehicles (Discussion)

    pull the plugs on the CAS and Fuel Pump but leave them sitting on but not connected.... car wont go anywhere.... or fuel pump kill switch hidden somewhere... if people want something they will get it regardless these days..... in saying that dont leave shit laying around that people can easily take.... it sucks but its the world we live in no1 is single handedly going to solve this problem been happening for years.
  14. sr20det rebuilt

    southcott engines or THR devolpments.