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  1. You can program the innovate ones to display e85 afr's
  2. Actually, resistor needs to be wired in parallel and not in series. Putting it in series will make it draw less current and make it blink quicker
  3. I've got all the non abs hardlines from an s14 if you're keen
  4. S15 JDM Central Locking

    JDM keys dont have transponders in them... I'm using a cheap cut key atm and it works fine
  5. largest tyres to fit s15

    yea used to run +9 degrees of castor but i think its too high for what i use the car for. Going to aim for +7ish next time I get an alignment
  6. largest tyres to fit s15

    Haven't been with this setup yet but it used to hit the front bars mounting tab since I was running too much castor. Backed it off and now it's fine
  7. largest tyres to fit s15

    Here's my effort on running some chunky Tyres. 17x9.5 +23 with 255/40/18 ad08's on the fronts and 18x9.5+38 with 255/40/18 ad08's on the rear And here are some r34 gtr wheels with some 265/35/18 ku36 on the front
  8. That won't be -0.5 on the rear with those specs. I had 9.5 +38 and could only squeeze -1.5 with 255 Tyres
  9. If I kept my car 100% legal it would be a very boring car. Stock wheels are 6.5inch wide anyways so 9.5 wide would already make the car not legal for use
  10. What alignment specs are you running stuss15? Because camber makes a big difference to how the wheel sits. As a rough as guts estimate, a degree of camber is roughly 1cm difference
  11. ^I don't know how you drive on the track but if its fine for track, it's fine for the streets. Car get pushed way harder on the track
  12. here's my car running 18x9 +22 A disc with 225/40/18 federal rsr's with -3 camber and 18x10 +30 O disc with 235/40/18 falken fk452 with -2 on the rear running silk roads coilovers. from that pic you should be able to decide on what wheel and tyre specs you want to run
  13. I'm running the original wheel specs with silkroads and theres plenty of room. whatever you do just don't go 8.5 inch wide because they're gay
  14. it'll be from a kit like this one http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/160899291445