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  1. Bump... 9k ono.... or throw me offers. need this car gone to make way for new project.
  2. Nissan Silvia/Onevia S13 1991 190,xxx i think Body 180sx front-end conversion (ONEVIA) Genuine Pig nose front bar + Genuine ca front lip Genuine Aero s13 skirts Genuine Aero s13 pods rolled guards all round Shaved aerial and boot JDM Square fog lights Recent Full respray Door hinge kit - (no hinges) standard indicators standard mirrors Engine Rebuilt redtop sr20det Garrett t28 ball bearing turbo Dr drift daughter board ecu tuned at 198rwkw Z32 afm HKS evc6 boost controller Greddy catch can Metal intake pipe Alloy radiator Split dump pipe 3" turbo back exhaust with mufflers (for rwc) 3” turbo back stainless with a hot dog and cannon, unsure of brand. (for street) Oil cooler and relocation kit bosch 910 internal fuel pump 450hp jap s15 480cc injectors engine brace modified vn thermo fan Standard airbox with K&N panel filter Apexi Returnflow FMIC New Radiator overflow bottle Driveline S14 gearbox Heavy Duty button clutch Lsd diff r200 4:3 Spingle spinner r180 (for rwc) Suspension/brakes/wheels SSR MK2 freshly painted centres and new bolts (15x7.5+5/15x8+13) Tyres 195/55/15 ATR sports (brand new) BC Coilovers (brand new) Strut Braces f+r r32 gtr rear sway bar Super pro gtr link bushes and d bushes 25mm Lock spacers Aftermarket camber, castor and tie rods arms all pillow mounted Solid cradle bushes SR front brakes Interior Grey interior Original Floor mats, good cond. Original genuine Nissan tool kit. No cracks in dash, fairly clean throughout. Genuine Nardi steering wheel Genuine Bride Brix 1.5(excellent cond) Genuine Bride low mount rail. 3X genuine greddy oil press, oil temp, water temp white face gauges with sencors Sony head unit alpine type s 6" fronts alpine 6x9" rears Drift hand brake button R32 front seats good cond (for rwc+passenger) Dash mat Will also include standard suspension for rwc, and possible standard wheels(no tyres though, u can pay to swap around) Also possibly have a standard steering wheel and knob.. Paintjob isn't the best, there are still a couple of small dings under the paint I have noticed, but didn't phase me. its still looks awesome. Needs an intake pipe made up, and a couple of other little things touched up, which I’ll probably do asap. I will be giving it a service this weekend also. As it’s been sitting for the past couple of years. NO I WILL NOT SWAP, NO I WILL NOT PART OUT UNLESS THE WHOLE CAR IS SOLD MINUS PARTS TO LOWER THE COST. No reg, no rwc. Melbourne, Vic. Contact: PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA MOBILE 0407 056 817 (I DONT USE THIS SITE OFTEN.) Price: 10kono, can certainly lower the price by a considerable amount if I take parts off. Location: melbourne
  3. Vic/FS: S13 ca18de manual

    1989 s13 ca18de, manual. 160,000 K's This car is in incredibly original condition. As you can see in the pics, boot is immac, body is very straight, no major damage. Original wheels, with good tyres. Interior is grey and immaculate, UNCRACKED dash!, no rips or tears. ORIGINAL STEREO! The gearbox is in mint cond, no crunches, etc. However the clutch has never been changed so it needs replacement, also the clutch fork bearing or something is noisey. The motor is all standard, extremely good cond, no noises, couple of rattles probably from all the standard guards and shit haha brand new radiator. The car has been owned by the same person for the past 12 years and serviced regularly, however it's only traveled 30,000 k's in that time. Paintwork is very bad, the clear is cracking and the car needs a respray, but for a car this straight and original a couple of k respray this car would be amazing(p platers dreammmmm) Yes it includes the Nismo Aero front bar which is in mint condition. It also has Nismo struts all round, with pedders springs i believe, sits at a nice height. The car comes with 4 months rego, no rwc. However because it is a 1989 its eligible for club rego. Price: 4,000 will get interior and more pics later today.
  4. Tristan's s13 now with rb25-t67 DARK SIDE

    mint. love it... aggressive style. looks good. and good power. will be interesting to see the reliability.
  5. Zenki Love... new pics up

    needs bolt on's on the rear.. looks retarded without them.
  6. J Lil's Onevia Build - fromda4rumz

    finally seperated the loom for the onevia conversion... here is a couple of pics of the 2 seperate looms we needed. now just need to start testing everything. one picture is of the complete loom and the other is of the timing box relay for the headlights. also pic of the new dash mat for the sil. i got myself a coal coloured one to match the grey cloth door trims and r32 seats. will look pimp i reckon.
  7. J Lil's Onevia Build - fromda4rumz

    so got abit of stuff done on the sil this weekend or at least tried too... Kept on going with the onevia conversion, lined up the guards perfect and checked they were all good before i remove them again for paint. Also trial fitted the aero skirts on it... roman kept on going with the wiring for the conversion. finally dissected the ones we needed and all the relays and stuff from the two looms, so now its just a matter of putting them all in 1 box and neatening it up before putting it in the car. hardest part is done. unfortunately i didn't get a pic of it, will when im out there again. started doing the rear gtr sway bar, then realized after i had greased the bushings that they were infact front ones... "FAIL!" so gotta get rear ones to do the sway bar and get that back in. i used super pro bushes for it all, was pretty decent price to get them all. well worth it obviously when replacing the sway bar. Also i pulled apart the front bar and lip.. The front bar when i purchased it had just been removed straight from the car. The bar and lip has obviously never been pulled apart. The nuts and bolts that hold it all together were rusted together. i took the angle grinder to them all and pulled it all apart. the metal supports for the bottom lip i am going to get remade as it is too rusted out to re use. Next step will be bending the little bent bits of the bar, then sanding them back to paint when i do the whole car. So not much else atm, just plodding along with the build, no realy hurry as i also lost my license... again. for 6 months. go me. sooo plenty of time to build it now. haha oh was also doing a quick kew boulevard run today in my mini moke(dunno if ppl are familiar with them on here) and i ran over a tiger snake... was pretty crazy to see one of them so close to the city, see them heaps out in the bush, but yeh. it died. shortly after i ran it over. went back and took a snap as it was squirming on the road. hahaha
  8. J Lil's Onevia Build - fromda4rumz

    bit of an update... i bought some more parts yesterday for the sil... bought standard ca front bar indicators and the front bar foam i think i needed and a intake hose for the cooler piping i also needed. so more parts to get ready to go on in the next couple of weeks i ALSO got those Cali plates i was telling everyone about off my mate, he sent these back from the states for me... he said some Land Rover Sport donated them in la or something haha i also saw this f**king cool tree today.. great combination of the synthetic between man and mature. cray shit! haha sooo hopefully me and roman finish doing the 180 front wiring soon and i can get started on putting stuff back on...
  9. holy f**king shit! THIS IS AWESOME! i cant believe u have your own karting/drift track... i wanna goooo!!!!! hahah
  10. J Lil's Onevia Build - fromda4rumz

    hahaha.. nah f**k that... i want it all working mint.. it could have been alot easier tho if i mounted different lights infront of the rad support and then put a silvia bonnet on it. but it looks to illegal and pox for a clean street car.
  11. they are bbs rs's? not lenso bsx..... but yeh. will look good if they look like them and slammed.
  12. J Lil's Onevia Build - fromda4rumz

    cheers, should turn out pretty nice i hope with the two tone champagne over grey and the pignose/ca lip and aero skirts and slammed on the ssr's... THE SSR's ARE ON THE WAY FROM JAPAN AS WE SPEAK!!!! hopefully they take the minimum 6 weeks to get here. so i can fit tires and get an idea of what the car will sit like so i can paint it in the next couple of months. WOO!!!!
  13. the rims have got to go... get some steelies or some xxr002's for it and slam it.. will look wayyy better! engine sounds like its done... i would do wheels and suspension before interior and kit.
  14. J Lil's Onevia Build - fromda4rumz

    u look shit. hahah my cars gonna be cooler than urs soon ur just jealous!
  15. J Lil's Onevia Build - fromda4rumz

    here is a pic of the front end coming together...