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  1. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Selling my 2871 with a gt30 wheel. Done about 3000-4000kms great condition looking at $1000 upgraded and need it gone. Cheers Pm for more info can text pics..

    Never got a pm. Can u send one. Cheers

    Im in. Pm me details...

    Lets get this going asap .. one sunday arvo cruise up to pt eliot bakery have a bite and take the long way back maybe... just a thought.

    Keen as mustard... When?
  6. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    All good guys just emailed streeter they are cheap as atm so buying new
  7. SDUCTV7

    Troys old ride. Looks sick!!! Good work congrats
  8. MY 02 s15

    Haha skids will be done in due time! Along side you!!
  9. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Wtb nismo 740 cc injectors. Sr20
  10. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Selling my 2871 with a gt30 wheel 52 tr 64 rear done 1000kms has a s15 comp cover looking at $1200 cost me a lot more bearly boosted. Going larger so need it gone on car atm but can come off at anytime 0406110516
  11. MY 02 s15

    Selling my turbo going bigger so up for grabs is my 2871 52 64 with a gt30 wheel with a s15 comp cover done 1000kms on the car atm pm if your interested! Cheers
  12. MY 02 s15

    Hahah true and yeah same here!
  13. MY 02 s15

    Yeah that would be nice. See what happens. Get used to the 250ish and go from there. Yes sounds very simular... Cant wait till tomorrow
  14. MY 02 s15

    Nice sounds good! I would like 300 just need to upgrade to larger injectors. All in good time
  15. MY 02 s15

    Nice looks good i got my bc valve springs from him. I know my mechanic used acl race bearinga and je pistons motor was built to handle 400hp. Keen to see ur power once its.done!!