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  1. Hey dude how much for the rpf1 17 x 8 +30 fronts and 17 x 9 +22 rears delivered to 2770. Cheers
  2. Another Bike Learner

    Hey dude I started on a zx2r and I got it for 5k. I test rode the cbr250 rr and the zx2r still comes out on top IMO. Good luck with looking for a bike. Whatever you decide on, ride it safely.
  3. My Number 2

    Hello guys and gals I thought Id post up my bike on here. Up until last June, I always get frustrated whenever I see a rider riding passed me when the weather is beautiful. For a year and a half I procastinated getting myself a bike and I guess I had enough. So last June, I decided to buy a bike. I bought myself a 2003 Kawasaki ZX6R 636. She's black and gold in colour. Mods so far includes: Yoshimura TRS slip on HEL Braided brake lines Rear Seat Cowl Hyperpro Steering Damper PCIII with custom mapping K&N Air Filter Frame Slider Swing Arm Spool Aftermarket Carbon Style Levers Aftermarket Front and Rear Indicators Tinted Screen Radiator Protector Michelin Pilot Power And now for the pics.
  4. Whats your dream bike?

    If I had a spare 100k sitting around I'd get myself one of this. Ducati Desmosedici RR
  5. my first accident!

    Sorry to hear about your crash dude. As they say, "What doesn't kill you can only make you stonger". Everyone that has ever ridden a motorcycle has been in at least one accident. I was once trying to do a "U" turn with my zx6r and I rode on the kerb of the road at the apex of the turn and the tyres slipped and found myself trying to keep my bike off the ground. I managed to slowly put the bike down but slipped, accidentally opened the throttle and letting the front brakes go while forgetting the bike is on 1st gear. The bike ended up going in circles on its side. Fairing and mid pipe were scratched slightly thanks to the Oggy Knobs. I felt so stupid after that accident but realised that I should be thankful that I didnt injure myself. Oggy Knobs definitely will save your fairings and other bits and pieces. Worth investing in one of those.
  6. Sleeping disorders/problems.

    Hey man I can understand how you're feeling. Must be really driving u nuts. Suggestion I have for you are these. 1) Take the Nitrazepam and Valium according to what your doctor has prescribed. They can be addictive when used excessively, your body will get used to it and when your body gets used to it, it will have minimal or no effect on you at all plus the side effect of being dependant on it to function properly. Kinda like junkie. If you've been taking them for a whhile maybe stop taking them cause clearly the amount you're taking isnt working. 2) Dont drink alcohol with the above mentioned medications because they may cause you to have adverse reactions. 3) Try not to think about the issue you're/you've having/had. If its bothering you that much and its keeping you awake then maybe its best that you speak to someone about it. Maybe a friend or a family member. Someone that you trust. Talking about the issue really helps. 4) Do something strenous like go to the gym, go for a run etc. Activities during the day that will make your body tired enough at night. 5) When you're in bed, make sure that the lights are turned off. Maybe play calming music in the background softly. Hopefully this is of some help to you. Just incase you're wondering, I've had the same issue before. Usually happens when I've got alot on my mind and Im stressed out or I've just had some form of issue come up. Also, Im a nurse so I deal with people who has insomnia issues at work. Usually we give them what you're/you were taking with good effect. Cheers, Michael
  7. NSW Spotted Thread

    Spotted a white S14 series II on the Great Western Hwy today. Plates is JDA-200. S14 is lookin hawt.... Is he here by any chance?
  8. NSW Spotted Thread

    Spotted a Silver 350z beside me on Lane Cove Rd heading towards homebush around 23:00 hrs. He tried to keep up but I kept leaving him behind. Finally I decided to let him pass when we were at Homebush bay Dr. It was a good run. Then I spotted a white s14 on the m4 just after the service station at around 23:45 hrs.
  9. NSW Spotted Thread

    What time was did u see the s15? Was it near Westpoint? about 8:30ish last night dude...was near Blacktown TAFE so yeah That would probably be me....I was in blacktown around that time....Did it have a stock 350z wheels on it? If so then that was me.
  10. NSW Spotted Thread

    What time was did u see the s15? Was it near Westpoint?

    Hey Ryan, Do you have any that would fit an s15 sr20det? Cheers, Michael
  12. The biker nod

    I've seen a couple of time a big guy riding a 250 cbr on the m4 motorway. Its almost as funny as the 150kg guy on the scooter. The bike is revving like crazy but hardly movin....
  13. The biker nod

    I nod to every rider i come across and find most of them nod back. The only ones that dont nod back are the ones in the harley and cruisers. Some do but most dont. As to scooters, I just laugh at them. One time I was riding and a scooter passed by. As the scooter passed by, the rider nodded. I like wtf? I asked myself do i nod back or not. So i kinda did a half nod. One thing that annoys me is that they split lane and act like their scooter are like motorbikes. I mean Motorbikes can leave the cars behind when the lights go green so they dont create traffic but scooters cause traffic. When that happens, makes me wanna jump off my bike and give them a slap in the head.
  14. ns.com Whos Who In NSW

    Who are you? Michael What do you drive? ADM S15 Drifter or streeter? Building the car up to do both as well as for the track.

    Sounds like u guys had tons of fun. Nice to have met the people I did today. Well Im definitely gonna be in the next cruise. Post up pics pls.