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  1. Mongol Rally 2010

    last count was 250,000 pounds.. Im sure will be raised throughout the rally. We're hoping to get a small sponsorship to take around 40-50 small koala bears to give out to kids etc on the way. our team name is "Dropbears Inc." after all..
  2. Mongol Rally 2010

    Looks a noble steed Any reason you didnt go a 4x4? Money.. and the Rules.. 1) cant be older than 2001 2) cant be over 1.2L .. or pay 100pounds per 0.1 L over the limit. Suzuki jumny was the first choice.. but there's 400 teams this year.. and alot of the cheaper ones were snapped up pretty quick.. was over 1500 pounds for anything close to decent. Our fiat only cost 900 pounds... and we also forfeit the car at the end of the rally for charity.. so didnt wanna spend too much.
  3. Mongol Rally 2010

    lol @ darkone.. ive seen that before.. road of bones.. Not one of our planned destinations in russia.. good find though.. hehe Our mighty steed...
  4. Hey all, Just a small heads up for anyone interested in following or donating to charity... A friend of mine and i are taking part in this years Mongol Rally What is the mongol rally!?!??! its a 16,000km trek from UK -> Mongolia. Theres no placing, theres no points of prize money, its all about the adventure and raising money for a good cause. This years nominated charity is the Christina Noble Childrens Foundation. We're aiming to raise GBP 1000 for the rally... as well as forfeiting our car at the end point that will be auctioned off on top of our donation. We've both quit our jobs, moving out and taking off for the Uk to start the rally on the 24th of July and hope to reach Mongolia by the end of August or sometime Early September. Our journey will take us: Under the English Channel via train, through France and Belgium into Geramny, around the Nurburgring, into the Czech Republic for our first and only checkpoint, Back into Germany to hit up Berlin, through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia into Russia, the long road south to Kazahkstan, back into Russia before we duck down into the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. After that only 1000kms of desert and mountains are in the way before we reach our final destination - Ulaanbatar. What are we driving? A 1.2L .. 2001.. Fiat Bravo.. as stipluating in the rally rules of "No older than 10 years old, and, No bigger than 1.2L Website: DropBearsInc. Facebook: Dropbears Inc. We'll be holding a few last minute fund raising events in the coming weeks and perhaps a paypal account if people wish to make any small donations outside of the fundraisers. Wish us luck as we take on this epic driving adventure and be sure to stick around for updates.. Cheers! Jeff - Dropbears Inc
  5. UK Imports?

    UK s2k's are Less than half the price of australian s2000's with less kilometers. Also, Im in the UK for 2 years.. theres an abundance of driving roads and also the nurburgring to drive on. Obviously i could hire a car for some fun.. but doing it as much as like in my own car and when ever i like.. if im to lash out 4000pounds (currently under $10,000 AUD) for a nice s2k that ill drive all over europe its doubtful ill sell it in time to come back.. so why not bring it back with me at the end !?
  6. UK Imports?

    But personal import is doable from the UK? After owning it and insuring it for atleast 1 year of coarse.
  7. UK Imports?

    What about importing something like a 1999 - 2003 Honda s2000 back from the UK. From what i can tell they're identical to the AU factory delivered ones.
  8. Gold Coast Painter

    Right, NS.com helpful as usual. Ill tell her "any old smash repairs"
  9. Heyo!! Someone at work noticed in apart of the car scene, and came to me asking for a reputable painter on the gold coast cause the wanna "do up their car" Having personally not had anything painted custom before.. just smash repairs ill leave it up to you fabulous peeps on NS.com to guide her. Not sure of the model (like it matters), but they want shelby style stripes painted on their car.. id assume either black or silver depending on the colour. No pinstriping etc, just 2 thick stripes down the center of the whole car. Any suggestions or good bad experiences?!
  10. 3D TV's and 103" Plasmas

    Think anything over a 50inch is a wank factor.. or u have some serious vegatable factor going on down south. Anyone a bit unimpressed with the whole 3D tv at home? Correct me if im wrong, but dont u have to wait ill 3D content comes out aswell!? Ill be happy buying a nice clean LED tv when the prices drop
  11. Dean's S14a RB25 ** new video **

    I know.. ive said hi and met u twice when you've picked her up. Jeff the IT guy.. true that... you wouldn't happen to have the s2000 USED TO.. Sold it .. and My Polished Deep Dish Work Meisters after i lost my licence.. Was sitting around begging to be driven.. so i got rid of. Last Pic taken of it.. --->
  12. WTF is this thing?

    i was thinking ae92 corolla.. but the coupe levin .. like i used to own.. As for the tailights.. could be anything since the widebody's been extended so far.. soarer looks pretty close but..
  13. Any WoW Freaks out there?

    PM me with an offer.. Currently have a 80 pally all the way back from vanilla wow.. -> PAlly only uldar level gear for holy/protection spec.. been spending most of my little wow time these days on this toon. 80 Warlock destro/affliction --> Lock icc10/25 level gear around the 5.5k mark Not alot of gold.. but has plenty of mats and a few banks alts full of crap. Basically selling cause i didnt feel like renewing this month.. had only come back for 2 months as a game card gift and im getting a little bored.. plus i just got access to a Starcraft 2 beta key..
  14. Dean's S14a RB25 ** new video **

    I know.. ive said hi and met u twice when you've picked her up. Jeff the IT guy..
  15. Dean's S14a RB25 ** new video **

    Pretty sure i recognized this car from the casino car park.. Looking very very pimp dude.. From 2 pages back.. ive actually got a davis craig electric pump u can HAVE if u want.. just gathering dust in my garage. Peace, Jeff