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  1. the 17 x 9.5 +12 can you get in 5 stud? thats what im looking for or lower offset! Cheers
  2. [Os Giken Master Shop]-new price!

    hey mate just wondering if the twin clutch bearings are different to single plate ones Cheers
  3. Mt Cotton skid pan

    They rulz have been tightened right up due to wingers amung the community out at mt cotton silencer is ur friend!
  4. Its gone........ :(

    Sad days it like loosing a part of yourself! then u buy a new ride and its all better! lol

    OOUUCCHH thats gotta hurt, sorry to see about you gear getting trashed mate Good luck with the clean up!
  6. Rays Wheels

    Not bad looking wheels
  7. What ecu upgrade should i get?

    +1 on that. Thats what i'll be getting, did alot of research to come to that conclusion aswell. Not the cheapest, but a very good, highly recommended product. And you get rid of the AFM! Map sensor is the way to go! +2 Great unit bit pricey compared to others, but seeing the difference between a power fc that died on dyno then new E8 wiried in had 50hp straight up nothing changed pretty cool to see let me tell and a releif for the amount forked out!
  8. price on t28bb or same power
  9. Hesitation

    any1 have any ideas?
  10. Squeeky Breaks

    sweet my rears also squeak so ill get some of that cheers for the heads up
  11. Hesitation

    Silvia s13 black top sr20det 5sp the car once it warms up seams to hesitate, when shes cold its fine but when its warmed up and you put your foot down it seams like it just doesn't wanna go......... any1 know or had this problem needs to be fixed asap cant drive it like that...... cheers
  12. i am goin to put a turbo on my sr20de and make it really perform. has anyone done this or know of someone whos done it.....if so drop a line.. cheers
  13. speedo problems

    We might have an X FILES on our hand here!!!!
  14. Few Questions Here

    yeah true i had that when i my car out on the track and sr seams to cut out at 7500 rpm. but dont get much gain after like 6800
  15. converting s14 kouki front to a s13?

    man i saw in mag few months ago a dude put a s15 front on s13. looked sweet but cost was like $ 15,000 just for that! waste of time man