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  1. 180sx Type X 97 for sale!

    Up for sale is my pride and joy. Lots of TLC thrown into this car. Currently has 126xxxkms. Imported her myself with the hand of Sydney Unique Motors in 2010. Just renewed rego. Rego expires 02/2017. Comes with OOH 180 plates Following are all brand new parts and services all done less than 1000kms ago - 2871r turbo .64a/r - Euroflow highflow fuel pump e85 comp - Blitz front mount intercooler powder coated cooler and piping - Genuine Nismo motor mounts - Genuine Nismos 740cc injectors - Tomei Rocker arm stoppers - Haltech platinum pro ecu - Apexi dual funnel air filter - Turbosmart Eboost street boost controller + external switch - excedy heavy duty clutch - Compustar All in car alarm with remote start - Rocker cover gasket - Power steering hose - All 4 Toyo Proxes tyres Engine - - All the above parts + - SR20DET produced 190kws at 15psi. Can be squeezed to 20 easily. - Car was running stock since 1000kms ago. - Full turbo back exhaust with varex twin tip. Comes with 2 remotes for the exhaust valve - Apexi front and rear struts - Custom 3inch turbo back exhaust with ceramic cat, flexible joint, hotdog and varex adjustable twin tip muffler ×2 remotes Oil changed every 4-5000 kms Interior - - Steering wheel and gear boot leathers have both been reconditioned - Center console hydrodipped in carbon fiber - Genuine Type x seats - Drift carbon fiber gear knob Exterior - - Genuine type x side, front and rear bars - Type x front lip - Genuine type x wing - 10% tints all round - Stock spoked type x rims - Cars been resprayed just over a year ago Extras - T25g turbo Side mount IC + piping Stock full exhaust Stock ecu Stock injectors This is a perfect car for the stealthy daily driver. Never had any serious issues, practically driven like a granny. Car will be detailed before pickup. $15,000 please no time waster or test pilots. This car NEEDS to go to the right person.
  2. Long time no see...

    There was an NS meet? damn.. we arent extinct after all lol
  3. Nismo 740cc freshly tested and service.

    still for sale?
  4. NSW Spotted Thread

    KNG200 spotted on roberts road 8ish last night.. i swear ive seen a KNG200 here somewhere lol p.s bring this thread back to life people!!
  5. Need to get my steering wheel leather changed, still got the stock wheel on.. any recommendations in sydney area? i called a work shop in sydney city and he quoted me $450.. and it takes 2 days.. does he expect me to walk home or something.. how much is a reasonable price to pay cheers guys
  6. sorry for stealing the thread, but how much would it cost to retrim the steering wheel? recommendations in sydney? cheers
  7. Im a Noobie ! :)

    welcome to NS stock is always best IMO lol
  8. NS.Com NSW Monthly Meet

    Yeah bro you know it i still get around omar havent seen you in a long time you seen my new ride? been along side u during the build via fb lol shes reall cute!! well done man hopefully i get to cures her real soon..
  9. NS.Com NSW Monthly Meet

    ^ keep me in the loop and pmod im kidding bro, steven gets around anyways lol =D
  10. NS.Com NSW Monthly Meet

    can i also turn up?
  11. you sir.. are a legend lol
  12. Boost Controllers

    $900 is unnecessary. If your car isn't yet tuned, I'd highly recommend getting to at least that point. Assuming Silvia Keep standard turbo (unless it's a crappy T25) - free Full turboback exhaust - Assume you have this? FMIC - Assume you have this? Fuel pump - $230 for an awesome one (Get Walbro 450!) ECU - nistune or Powerfc. Nistune cheaper Z32 AFM - Recommended but not strict. $250 second hand or $350 brand new (please don't buy a munted one) Boost controller - $440 for Turbosmart Eboost street or $660 for epic HKS stepper motored EVC (recommend the latter) and MOST IMPORTANTLY, a goooooood tune. Never settle for 2nd best when it comes to this department. That setup would be good for up to 200rwkW on a realistic dyno. You'll get hte power but more importantly, your car will be running right. Treat it right and it'll do right by you u can get 200rwKw with a t25 and those basic mods!? now when it comes to tuning would the tuner also be tuning the boost controller? (2 stages if running eboost street?)
  13. Boost Controllers

    IMO eboost2 have to many features u wont be using unless ur chassing 10s, eboost street is easy to use with features you'll be using.. +1 for eboost street
  14. bump... howd u go with this?
  15. thats negative thinking man.. silvias have died in the ass over time, but people are still madly in love with the s chassis, why take that away?? forums isnt for all the world to see really.. ur going to get a handful of people appreciating and others discriminating *busta ryhmes* loll uve been on this forum for almost 10 years.. u telling me u dont love silvia anymore It's not negative, it's reality, you're in self denial if you don't think the car scene has changed. I've had Silvia's for the past 13 years, the current S15 for nearly 10 why would I be negative on Silvia's. I'm saying what I see on Silvia sites, have you looked at SilviaNSW lately lol have u seen who started this thread?? like u said silvia forum in general have run dry all im saying is, the old days where regular members know each other by name and go on regular meets, lunches and cruises.. new isnt always better man.. everybody to their own opinion i guess..