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  1. Newbies

    Are all these strong dudes aesthetically pleasing though?
  2. Advice for noob wanting to get massive

    Are you concerned with getting fatter? i mean increasing bodyfat while getting stronger? 180kg deadlift is common at my gym but seeing people squat 150kg is a rare sight lol
  3. Advice for noob wanting to get massive

    Haha you're going well, and thats some intense goals for 2010 man!
  4. Advice for noob wanting to get massive

    Nice training log there paulie, i will be following a program similar to that called starting strength. As for the guy spending $230 on food a week... what a *richard cranium*.
  5. Advice for noob wanting to get massive

    Ok heres a program i'd like to try it looks basic but aimed at strength Day l squat: 5-8x5 bench: 6-8x6 deadlift: 5-8x5Day 2 squat: 5-8x5 bench: 6-8x6 deadlift: 5-8x5Day 3 squat: 5-8x5 bench: 6-8x6 deadlift: 5-8x5
  6. Advice for noob wanting to get massive

    Hmm, ok i get it kinda... but im sure i could get the same amount of macros with 4 or 5 shakes a day. Isnt that the point of protein shakes to replace meals? You are right though its pretty cheap when you consider i usually spend a few hundred each week on drugs (hoppefully quitting!) So food... but what about other supps? creatine? tribulus? sizeon?
  7. Advice for noob wanting to get massive

    I was following a sheiko template.. which ive just found out is an advanced powerlifter cycle used to improve the deadlift... So yeah i think ill start off just with a basic routine that the PT writes up for me. As for diet i just eat normally i dont really want to spend money on heaps of tuna or chicken. Thats why i would like protien shakes just to make up for lack of eating
  8. There were no leaks that i could find. The warning light probably came on because the rear left was metal on metal and zero pad left.
  9. Hey guys, ive just started training seriously and im currently following sheiko program. Anyway what kind of supps do you guys use to give you the edge. Which protien is best for strength gains..? i really just want to improve my big 3 lifts... is isolate the ultimate for strength and concentrate better for mass?
  10. a ceased piston?! damn sounds serious What about the handbrake? im assuming the red exclamation mark on dash of s14 is handbrake... would the handbrake have anything to do with this?
  11. Ive got a bit of a problem guys. I noticed that dreadful grinding sound... anyway the back left brake pad wore comepletely through so i'll need to get a new disc as well. Its easy enough to change them but what caused the uneven wear?? I also noticed that the wearing happened at the same time as the red exclamation symbol pops up permanently on the dash? any co incidence.?