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    My Business 7DS Kustom Airbrushing and all my suppliers. House of Kolor, Meguires,Turbonetics, Turbosmart, GFB, Splitfire lynx Corp, Zex Nitrous...And of course Hardtuned.net
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  1. Hey i would of loved to put my 3sgte Celica sled on display.My company has put a full Veilside kit on her, retrimmed the interior in bright yellow and has added a set of GMAX rollers. Autosalon is only an hour for me down the freeway and it would of given me a chance to blow the cob webs from the turbo. I have since the paint job which is house of kolor purple marble had my company's sign writing on the the back as well as my tuners graphics and of course Hardtuned graphics too...However i have just destroyed my hydraulic tensioner on the timing belt which you guessed it....bang. I will be definetly saying hi on the sunday however...how do i get my hands some stickers of the day though I spent the last 2 months getting her painted tuned and ready for autosalon as i was going to enter my car privately and to have this add another 1000 to my bill has destroyed me....Time for an upgrade im sure i wanted to add a pic but couldn't figure it out
  2. Hey Guys and Gals

    Hi people. just wanted to say hi to everyone, New to ttuned and eager to share what i have and what i can do. I have a st184 celica with a 3sgte 2 wheel drive conversion. Im proud to say built not bought....It has a few hks special internal pieces and I have a veilside vs2 gt kit and big gmax rollers. I bought it as a shell and i have a nice paint job planned as it is what i do. Its a house of kolor wet black base with a lilac marble over the top. It will have a beyond wonderland alice erotic theme..Very keen to show you all my progress very soon cheers guys Jason