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  1. last thing i saw was some sexual joke about a harness...i think i can figure out why it was deleted was actually the only good running thread in this wasteland
  2. needed s14 ecu 23710 74F00

    i got one, pm me if you want it posted
  3. So my bellhousing exploded..

    holy shit, f**king unlucky i remember seeing a video a while ago, it was an cabin camera of a skyline (i think) and the same thing happened. guy revved it, and there was a loud bang with a puff of fire shooting out from around the gear stick, scary stuff. ....so im guessing you woulda shat yourself quite a bit
  4. IQON mix tape competition. Please vote for me!

    done, you now owe me a plane and iqon ticket

    lold harder than i should have for some reason
  6. i have one from my s14, pm me if you want it posted
  7. 180sx snake eyes

    yep i know someone whos done it, apparently cant see shit at night
  8. misfiring problem

    could be some bad wiring in your coilpack harness. mine does that every now and then...misfires on boost so i get out and jiggle the wiring a bit and itll be fine again untill the next time i bump the wiring when working on something
  9. Water Temp Gauge Install

    this is what you want http://www.gktech.com/index.php/sr20-coolant-neck-spacer.html
  10. First strike law to seize hoons' cars

    doubt it will ever happen. its just a last minute grab for votes, even if he does get elected itll be an empty promise. shit even most of the sheepish public commenting on perthnow agree that its over the top http://m.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/new-first-strike-law-to-seize-hoons-cars/story-e6frg13u-1226579478028?utm_source=Perth+Now&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=breaking+news&utm_content=Breaking+News
  11. 30 year video game collection on ebay

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/OVER-30-years-of-VIDEOGAMES-COLLECTION-The-history-of-VideoGames-/121065833957?pt=Video_Games_Games&hash=item1c301605e5 whyyyyyy has the price gone up if no ones interested in it
  12. just a quick question. can i use the factory oil pressure sensor hole for an oil temp gauge sensor? as in are they the same thread? cheers
  13. No power!

    forget to put the earth back on?
  14. engine oil pressure switch

    i think it wont be on because its not connected. if it was connected, then it would sense no pressure causing the light to come on
  15. Nismo S-Tune style S15

    looks f**king awesome, love it when people do things like that to set themselves out
  16. 180SX/SR20DET Fuel/ECU Issue?

    on a 180 its on the drivers side, next to the spare tyre well
  17. 180SX/SR20DET Fuel/ECU Issue?

    dont get a walbro "style" pump when you can get a genuine one for only 100, not worth the risk
  18. 180SX/SR20DET Fuel/ECU Issue?

    i wouldnt call $100 expensive
  19. Turbo swap on same tune?

    just run it on wastegate boost, she'll be right i drove around with a 3071 at 10 psi on a stock tune for about 3 months without a problem
  20. car got hit from behind today and forced into the curb while parked... keen to know what kit this is so i can get the same one. it looks almost identical to vertex but if you look at the front bumper its ever so slightly different. had a look around and cant find anything. anyone know? cheers
  21. another "what kit is this" thread

    come to the conclusion its a "final konnexion" http://www.bodykitwarehouse.com.au/silvia-final-konnexion-style-bodykit-p-853.html any opinions anyone? noticed anything different about them that i havent?