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  1. SR18DE cams In an S14

    Thanks for the advice guys.
  2. I've got a JDM S14 with an SR20DE What I am wanting to know is, has anyone had any experience with using FWD SR18/or even SR20DE cams from such cars like Primera or Pulsar in an S14 SR20DE and to what gains they got or should expect. Yes I understand tha I will not be able to retain my VCT etc but am not worried about that. The SR18DE cams specs are Intake: 251 10 Lift Exhaust: 247 9.2 Lift Compared to S14 SR20DE Intake 248 10 lift Exhaust 240 9.2 lift Thanks in advance
  3. URAS

    Zip ties all round, it gives your kit a weak spot. So the zip ties will break before you damage the kit to much.
  4. kris's A31 Cefiro

    This is my mate tow car, he'd probably be able to help you find a boot spoiler if you are still looking for one?
  5. Just wondering if this is possible or anyone has done it before? ( Preferably an S14 or S15 seat) Any advice appreciated.
  6. SRS12 Old School Cool:)

    Any more engine pics etc? mint build bro!
  7. Keep vert, swap all the good bits including sr into etc and sell the coupe. Vert will be a heaps better asset, have something more unique dont be another sheep
  8. genuine nissan sil80

    I seen one in Auckland New Zealand on Saturday, looked real tidy expect the dick head had put ricer lights on it
  9. help with offset

    Do not in a million years put that on an S13 just because it has dish doesnt make it cool
  10. Are S14 cages the same as S15?

    Im pretty sure they are the same. They have piratically the same chassis design.
  11. Satan.

    Read through this a couple of times bro, and I'm loving the progress youve made it mint as. Hit up this NZ forum if your down zerofighter.co.nz and thorugh up an intro.
  12. King springs dont make an s15 superlow just go coilovers or just chop off a coil or two Makita 1 way adjustables
  13. n/a TALK <<

    Hey guys been on here a bit from New Zealand got a S14 Qs Just got Ksport rear addjustable suspension today Just need fronts now and mega slam!
  14. p-plate S14..... 2 more years left

    Coming along mint man... maybe some more low but keep it up Exhaust is wicked