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  1. Please completely delete my account too. I no longer use it. i would also like my account deleted as i havent accessed it since 2008
  2. just took off the top part of the engine, fml blowen cracked gasket, i hope i didnt get any hydro lock but ill keep ya posted
  3. does any one have any parts for cheap i can buy then?
  4. well it has a hard time starting now because of the coolant mixed with the fuel in the combustion chambers, but when it idles so much smoke comes out, even when i fill it with the cap off
  5. the specs for my car are -TRUST (GReddy) - T518Z (TD05-20g) Turbo -GReddy E-Manage Ultimate – Standalone EMS -Tomei Pon Cams (256 duration with 11.5mm lift) -Type-R Nismo Bearings (All around) -Nismo Fuel Pressure Regulator -555cc Injectors H -Nismo Copper-Mix Clutch w/ Lightweight Flywheel -Solid Engine Mounts -HKS “Stopper” head gasket 1.6mm -Omori Gauges: oil temp, oil pressure, water temp -HKS Boost Guage -Strengthened tie-rod ends -CASCO rear upper arm, -CASCO rear toe arm -New tension rod -25 Layer oil cooler -Yanak rear control arms -Steering cracker -TENKATOITSU 2-way LSD -TOMEI N2 engine block adapter -7 point roll cage -HKS EVC2 - Electronic boost controller -HKS Hipermax coilovers -1” Wheel spacer -Nismo 300lph fuel pump -Custom “Boso” Exhaust w/ Butterfly valve -300zx brake upgrade and 5 bolt conversion -GReddy Oil filter relocation -GReddy Type-S B.O.V -CP pistons -Eagle rods -Oversized valves. -Titanium Retainers
  6. compression is normal, its just the radiator is not cycleing the coolant and just leaving it in the engine to burn off
  7. Hey guys, so today i was driving and boosting, when i missed a shift by accident, redlined hard, and porblems are occuring now. one problem is that the oil should be at a constant 75-85 degrees, but now it is sitting at 110-115, way too high for my s13, second problem is the water temp meter, its offf the charts and is way to hot for me to even see the temp, and in the radiator there is no coolant left after i put in a bottle an hour, so it is obviously burning coolant like a motherfu** and there is a shi* ton of white smoke billowing from my exhaust which means there is coolant inside the compression chambers, what do i do, do i have to take apart the whole engine to fix?
  8. nissansilvia.com lanyards

    yeah im in. can i have a purple one please
  9. Show Your Car Off !

    heres my baby
  10. My Cars - Black 200sx on 20"

    nice find. she's a beauty.
  11. hi! i new here.

    what kind of car do you have? any mods?
  12. just a note to say hi

    thanks for the comments guys. its nice to know that its not just me who appreciates her.
  13. Do you think we should tell him

    most of those were pretty good
  14. Awesome ad!

    hahaha. funny as. just pissed myself laughing
  15. silvia badge on a 180sx

    a 180 is a 180 and a silvia is a silvia don't try and change the badge of one just cos you don't like it. they are different cars and are rightly badged differently. i say leave it as is