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  1. Sa spotted thread

    green silvy popping flames at me all down pt wakfield at 6am i was on blue r6
  2. ca18det power fc

    wanted ca18det power fc with controller(yeah i know hard to find item)
  3. wtb steering rack s13

    dont think itll work??cheers tho
  4. wtb steering rack s13

    hi i need a s13 power steering rack no leaks,rack ends not important ,cheers.also its a ca i need

    spotted the madest looking cedrick vip style at salisbury
  6. s13 sr20det oil cooler

    oil temp sender??
  7. Ca18 not starting

    try moving cas

    spotted natos old s12 .....hehehe and i was drivn it
  9. power steering

    i do beleive i have that hose in a spare the metal one ....
  10. power steering

    normally if pump has blown they leak at the bottom sorry man.but take him off and inspect after you run the car and see if u can see it.prob comming out bearing behind the pulley..... after mine did the same i started gettn use to no power steer and besides car parking it was fun
  11. Found this s12

    ha i was the one of the first owners of this when it was stock as regreted using it as a trade in for 1 and half k with new engine ans zs's....gl with sale
  12. Tips for undoing shiz

    loctite freeze and release
  13. Sr20 auto spigot

    smart ass...makes sense
  14. Turbo Tubing Shops

    nice plug 4 leroy.....he does some mad fab work