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  1. From import monster. I know a guy selling a set of 6 for 2000$ Brand new. PS sold this car guys building a GTR!
  2. Yeah man just been lazy I'll post some updates pics soon!
  3. Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $2,500 Condition : Used Stripping s14a All prices are firm Jdm front bar in black good condition $400 Luxury side skirts silver good condition $200 ... Jdm rear bar with corner missing a bit but pods will cover it in black $150 Jdm spoiler black $150 Jdm grill $100 S14a shell Dosnt come with front and rear bars No manual conversion parts either Red Good condition Bonnet is Green as otherone had dents Rear quarters are in highfill as they were dented and i had them repaired properly. D2 coilovers Full interior immaculate 1 month reg 2500 S14a motor Complete 111,000ks Have Reciepts for rebuild which I purchased as is has Apprently done around 30,000 since rebuild Can be seen running Any test welcome T28 with braided lines Reground cams $2500 Gktech catback exhuast with decat pipe $200 That's all I can think of for now, Won't strip till majority of the parts are sold
  4. Need ASAP if available 17x9.5 +18 17x10 +18 Silver To suit s14 Posted to Vic 3020
  5. Yes, you can mix and match. PM sent. Also same price shipped to 3020?
  6. Also 2.8 dosnt mean you need to make monster power.plenty of 2.8 makeing responsive 380kw
  7. Yep kris of you had a chance to get what I did for the price you would of got it. I am also building a street gtr but going to put an even better motor in it. Also it's only a kando t67 kris I was thinking that nic but want to do some research and see if anyone has ran a similar setup.just thinking I wont be able to use the 9000rpm available.
  8. It out of my mates gtr Zilr33 Which I use to drive. Made 458kw on 22psi Anyway It got rear ended by some cockhead who didnt see him turning and written off The motor became available to me for a good price and I jumped on it. So might change my turbo anyway but well see how it likes it. And muski it wont sound like that but this thing was f**king loud in the gtr and idled like it a v8 ahaha
  9. Mines r34 is still a 2.6 with higher compression. Just hanging to get it finished now in time for Winton in August. I'm thinking t67 is a bit small for my motor but I don't want stupid amounts of power
  10. Bit of an update. Now selling the Neo rb25det I bought for it and have a rb26 2.8stroker for it. Viski is welding a full cage in it Also doing tubs and removeable rad. Hanging to get it back to paint bay and interior and install the motor Info on motor and Other parts I have Rb26 Hks stage 2 2.8 litre stroker kit Tomei 272 in cam Hks 280 ex cam Ported and polished head -t67 -indy blue injectors Off the top of my head that's all I can think of. Will update
  11. 180sx Type X + AE71 Wagon with BEAMS!

    I've also seen this around iv the west! Love type x and regas!
  12. Tristan's s13 now with rb25-t67 DARK SIDE

    Churr! Boogie time!
  13. Lmfao I wish I was that good! I need more track time that was only my second time! I'm Defs not ready to compete Back to sr20 vs rb25 The sr20 lacks power to me.i can still push it a little more but than ill have to eventually upgrade things like gearbox and so on. It's going to be cheaper and more reliable going rb.an easy power+torque. I know people like Nigel are making 250kw and Agess is making 290 or 310 with stock bottem end,but I see this being a cheaper option seeing as the rb25 drive lines are strong from factory and there an easy conversion and I have all the parts to mount it.
  14. thanks kruges! Got Lock!? Disstroy knuckles!! PM ME if interested in some there CHEAP AZ