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  1. 180SX Crash

    I saw the plates and know the guy if it is still the same owner from back when I had my S13. For those who know, is it still the same person driving this who has been driving it for the past 4 years or so? no need to mention any names....
  2. I agree. Shaun did my S13 turbo. Great price, quick turn around and no problems at all.
  3. Drop Down Menus

    Loz, just letting you know that the drop down menus are appearing below the ads for me. I am using FF3 (happened with 2 also) and running Linux. It is fine when I view it on a Windows machine.
  4. Show us ya Uptime

    My Linux server has been up for about six months I reckon. A few of our servers at work that run Linux never get rebooted because there is no need to - the Windows ones however - argh! Also, this command will get you your uptime too for those who can't find it another way: systeminfo | find "Up Time"
  5. Jap Writing Tattoos

    I would not get a tattoo in Katakana - will look ridiculous IMO. Andrew: アンドルー There is a picture in Pikachu's post of someone called 'Mike' with a Katakana tattoo also....

    I think you mean すっげ〜じゃん
  7. How do i bypass this error msg at work?

    Same. And even the sites that we have neglected to block show up in our squid logs and we have to forward this information to the CEO if there is a seriously breach (porn etc). I suggest doing work at work, and save the rest for home. I have seen a few people get it quite a lot of trouble due to this.
  8. HIM @ Metro last night

    I love HIM, but like most good acts, they didn't come to Adelaide. I'm not a huge fan of Venus Doom, but their old stuff gets me hard!!!! I was in 2 minds whether to go to the East coast to see them - I like them that much....
  9. Google cars!

    I have had a Gmail account for 2 years, and I have had only one email in my spam filter, and it was a flase positive
  10. Teeth

    Teeth - brings back some memories of the old days Adz.... "Got some Teef?"
  11. PSP, home brew? hacked?

    What you have is 'fake' firmware. It sounds kinda old though, because with the current releases, like I have on mine, I just boot the PSP and it automatically loads into the latest firmware. www.psp-hacks.net is the place to go for everything PSP related. Hope this helps - anything else, PM me.
  12. Hmmm this isn't right

    I get this aswell and it shits me up the wall!!