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  1. vlsd good for drifting?

    but a regular lsd is better than a v lsd rite?
  2. vlsd good for drifting?

    s13 240 for example
  3. i was wondering if a viscous lsd is good for drifting..i heard its not but im just making sure
  4. 2008 370z?

    does any1 know wat year is the official release of the 370z,because i heard that there are some models released in 2008.
  5. in the wikipedia it says that the s14 silvia is 95-00 and i got confused because i thought its until 98.It also says that the s15 starts in 99.Is that true?
  6. in a couple of months i will do a project on my 240 and im wondering what should be good tunning for advanced drifting competition.
  7. i am about to start drifting with my 240sx and i was wondering if the ka24de is the best engine to do it with...people have told me that i should swap to CA18det or Sr20det.If anyone can give me any suggestions ill be very happy
  8. how many hp is silvia s13 sr20de?

    aight..i guess ur right
  9. how many hp is silvia s13 sr20de?

    i did spend some time trying to find out but it says 140-169..im looking for an exact number
  10. i was wondering how mutch is a stock silvia s13 with sr20de..