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  1. Callum's S15 - 1st of July - Hit with paint!~

    farkkkkk that looks killer bro!
  2. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    Ben does some awesome work easily one of the best fab guys in tsv

    easier to just get ca18det ecu and engine harness, easy done
  4. sr20det engine cut, check engine on, no spark

    thats what i meant, ok sweet well if the engine light came on id check that dtc and go from there are you getting an injector pulse?
  5. sr20det engine cut, check engine on, no spark

    did you put the spark plug to ground when testing for spark?

    ive got a set in my shed from when i had my s13, painted black never fitted, also have aero skirts too
  7. Fuel system issue S15

    had similar issue with my s13 awhile ago i was running a 040, ended up just pissing it off for a walbro pump after getting my injectors cleaned and flow tested etc, after replaced pump problem was solved.
  8. looking for 180sx na exhaust

    buy some extractors (jasma most common) a flex pipe down to meet the cat then just a 2.5" catback system on there ya go, i doubt youll find anyone on here willing to post you their second hand system as its pretty systems can be exe to post but you never know if i was you id be looking on ebay, gktech, just jap, jap import spares etc
  9. Power FC gurus required!

    yeah defs no coming back from that
  10. sweet as, my old s13 had a set of jasma extractors on it when i bought it they seemed ok but they went with the engine when i dropped a late model blacktop in.
  11. my old sr20de s13 had a flex joint between the extractors and cat, id just measure how much you need then go to an exhaust shop and im sure theyd be happy to make one up for you
  12. Fuel Gauge "died"

    sweet dude sounds good, yeah id say its a sender fault i see it all the time, on my old s13 one of the solders broke on the sender and was only touching now and then giving an intermittent signal, pulled the sender out re soldered it and it was fine, id say it would be something like that, but yeah id get ya auto sparky mate to check out the wiring from the cluster back for the sender circuit and make sure its all G, if you need wiring diagrams for it ive got plenty so hit me up if need be and i can swing you a few
  13. S15 Part out! (Interior, engine bay + misc bits)

    also mate would you have the front bumper reo and support bar (nosecone/bumper support)
  14. S15 Part out! (Interior, engine bay + misc bits)

    still got center console lid mate or is it gone?
  15. Fuel Gauge "died"

    Most likely a sender or broken wire on the sender or in the harness somewhere, get ya self some wiring diagrams and check continuity or the fuel sender circuit and go from there, id also pull the pump assembly out and have a look in the tank and check the sender for correct resistance readings, very unlikely it will be a cluster.