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  1. Operation safe hills

    I got done a few months ago for flashing my high beams during the day (was a very bright/sunny day and meant to use low beams but BMW switches confuse me) to warn people of a camera, was an undercover cop near by, I didn't see him, jumps in behind me chucks on his disco light. Go to find a place to pull over and there is another cop car already pulled another driver up. I park behind the other cop car. Undercover cop comes over asked questions, walks away to write a $350 ticket, mean while the cop that was in front of me has done a lap and pulled up someone else about 100m behind me. I had a go at the cop for revenue raising which he denied and left. Technically speaking I broke the law because i accidentally used my highbeams even though they are still more dim than new cars low beams but yeah was super petty and they had 2 cops circling around the camera.
  2. Help installing T28 to CA18DET

    I got the GK tech lines but they didn't fit very well I found. They did technically fit but only if your happy with water lines sitting Milli metes from the dump pipe and that only barely fit. I just got two 90 degree speed flow lines and ran them under the turbo instead. Also there is a hard line that runs from the back of the plenum around the back of the head to the turbo. I had to get this hardline cut and a lip put on so the braided line would go on. Might be different for yourself, just thought I would let you know in- case you came against the same issue.
  3. Build a ca or go rb25 ?

    I've got a 200kw CA; Turbo, injectors, AFM, fmic, tune and mine runs on e85. I got a healthy motor and did 6 track days on 150kws and 3 on 200kws, had very few issue over that time, a coil-pack, burst heater hose and I finally blew my Head-gasket on my last outing. If your looking for cheap fun CA is good, I got a part engine for free. I would recommend changing as many hoses as possible though as they become super brittle and burst. Regards to engine choice, RB is always going to be better, but CA is going to be alot cheaper if you only want 200 out of it. Alot of people go mad with conversions when they first start out but loose enthusiasm mid way though. I would work with the CA for a little while, have some fun then if you want start to think about the rb25. Ive got a gt2860 with .86 rear on my CA and i would not go any bigger, in fact mine probably to big, hits power at 4k.
  4. Haha most Silvia owners are young, broke and there is no rarity to parts so they low ball because they know if the offer isn't accepted then someone will have the same part next week anyway. I buy virtually all my stuff new from shops so i don't have to deal with people and shitty parts.
  5. CA18 AFM issue. So much fun

    Yeah tune was done with AFM. I don't know anyone else with Z32 afm, they only have standard AFM's unfortunately. The problem is also intermittent so it would have to be on there for a few days and several start ups for me to really know if anything has changed. I took it out to drift prac and the car didn't have the issue thankfully. It did have a tendency to bog if i roll off the throttle but i doubt the two issues would be connect. I may just have to live with it for the moment, its not a daily and i know how to quickly fix it so its not a major issue.
  6. CA18 AFM issue. So much fun

    Yeah brand new at the start of the year. I'll grab some airflow cleaner when i'm down at repco see if that helps, has been sitting around off the car most the year so might have shit on it.
  7. I've got an issue where every now and then the car runs like shit, normally it only happens on start up but persists while its warm. The car will idle really crappy and die whenever its given throttle. The weird thing is if i unplug and re plug the AFM it runs great. Ive tried fiddling with the plug to get it to do it but it doesn't make a difference. Its also intermittent. Specs are: Drift only Ca18 Nisstune Z32 E85 It also has an isolator switch which i normally use when i park the car. AFM wiring (done by juestech)
  8. Also Check earths, Pumps have a tendency to be dead or alive, the wiring might be whats making it intermittent. Is it happening in a straight line cruising or is it just when your chucking the car around, because my 180sx had baffles and would cut when drifting at the track with half a tank.
  9. If my car goes good on the dyno Sunday I'll be sending my entry in and have several mates planning on doing the same. Wish it wasn't on same time as Bathurst but oh well.
  10. Just played it on a mates cracked xbox. Graphics are very good if your used to xbox games but just ok if your used to pc. Map is huge. Not sure if im a huge fan of the shooting gameplay but thats mostly to do with my hatred of auto aim. Character switching is decent and adds to the story. Cars nolonger have 4x4 suspension and handle decent. Car upgrades are actually fair dam awesome so much choice and wheels with good offset. And best of all if you time the buttons right you can dive head first into shit and knock people out. Over all a soild 9/10.
  11. 1992 180sx CA18Det 550cc's z32 AFM FMIC Bosch 040 fuel pump Disco Potato .86 rear housing straight pipes. Running E85 Got 197rwkw's @15psi but the clutch was slipping like crazy. Gonna replace the old clutch and take it back, tuner thinks it will be good for 220
  12. Events Mallala has a open practice night virtually every month normally about $120. Beginners class there has alot of people just starting so you definitely wouldn't be the only one. Tailem bend is also popular and generally a bit more laid back. Lots of car clubs like ACC will have days up there which you can enter. Trailers I use Cooks trailers on north east road, there trailers are in good condition and $60 for 24 hours (there not open 24 hours though so you might need it for 2 days if your doing a day time event) Tyres, can use whatever you want, i personally find i can get tires cheap enough to not bother with 2nd handers. Cars As A31 said, going away from these cars will cost you more money in the long run. Servicing and Maintenance Just like with a road car but a lot more regular. Also check on the wiring of the fuel pump because I have heard of horror stories of previous owners doing dodgy pump wiring and having it lean out on track. If you don't have a surge tank then also make sure your running over half a tank of fuel to stop leaning during turns.
  13. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    Abbot is kinda hard to like and has some incorrect views in my opinion but seems truthful. Rudd just seems to tell us what ever we want to hear then do whatever he wants. Not the best choices but i would prefect and occasionally incorrect truthful leader than one that just tell you what you want to hear. Liberal Party has always been fairly solid where labour seems to be all over the place. Guess I am voting Liberal then.