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    Owner of a 30000+kw R34 GTR, running an RB26DETTTTTTTTTT<br>I dont actually own it yet, and cant even afford it for that matter, but i've given some guy a few $ as a deposit, that counts right?
  1. experience with N.O. xplode

    Hi, Yld-Sky here, long time listener, first time poster, lol. The whole reason this forum was started was because of my original thread about 2 years ago now over No-xplode. I did a 12 week write up in real time of how it all went.... here are the results....... It's nothing but lolly water, no extra gains, no anything. The best growth I've ever had since was from eating clean, natural foods and doing the proper movements, squats, deads, bench, etc. Save yourself the $1,200 that I spent and spend it on food
  2. First day back

    WTF? Wow, you must be really hardcore....and you're being a tool because?
  3. First day back

    Where abouts do you train?
  4. First day back

    I was shocked at how cheap it is! They have just sold it to a franchise called "EDGE" apparently they are big in other states and are just about to spend $100,000 on new equipment and renovations. (I think it's already good though, so it will just get better). They have a foundation membership rate going on now which is $12.95 per week and no joining costs which I thought was fantastic! I train Mon, Wed, Fri and Sunday. They are closed on Sundays but as a result they give you free access to the southern cross gym in Woden.
  5. First day back

    Well, I'm now officially back into to training! Joined the Underground (that's it's name) gym in Weston on Tuesday and had my first session on Wednesday morning. I knew that after the first session I'd be hurting, but this is ridiculous! It's now a full 48 hours after I trained and the following ailments are in place..... *Can hardly walk and sitting down involves holding on to something and lowering myself down carefully. *My shoulders and traps feel like someone is continually tightening clamps on them, making raising my arms above shoulder height a rather painful challenge. *My lower back has now started aching constantly *My forearms have the same clamp like feeling as my shoulders. I'm not bitching one bit. Just explaining the new sensations I'd forgotten come with beginning to train again. With all that said, I love the feeling. I know that after this pain eases and my body starts to adjust to the changes I will be fine and then have to start looking for new ways to hurt myself. So I thought this would be a good chance for everyone to post up what they've done to really hurt themselves from a hard session, I'm sure others have a million better stories than my aches. For the record, I just wanted to try a few things to get a feel for the weights again and wasn't really focusing on any one thing or trying to set new PB's I did: Suats, shrugs, military press and shoulder flys. Looking forward to being recovered on Sunday to get back in the gym again. I'd hoped to go again this morning but I don't have a body part working correctly to lift anything Andrew.
  6. YLD-SKY's Coming out!

    Ha, well when you look at it like that I guess everyone owns any gains received from this forum directly to me.... That's my story now and I'm sticking to it Anyway, cheers, and I'll post up again when I get started.
  7. YLD-SKY's Coming out!

    Hmmmm, slight change in thread name.....Looks in Marcos' direction Oh well, it would confirm what most people already thought and I'm a big one for bowing to peer pressure, oh what the hell, if it's that important to everyone I'll be gay for you....for a fee....
  8. YLD-SKY's Coming out!

    HAHA, I think we learned last time that $1300 worth of No-Xplode = $1300 of money pissed away. But one of us had to take one for the team This time (as with my final 6 months of training) it will be plenty of squats, lots of tuna and protien and plenty of sleep. Post a pic.....ok, once I start up again I will post a pic of my now smaller frame.
  9. Hey guys, Well after a year of joining the lycra brigade and converting to cycling I have decided to make the change back to what I really enjoy, body building. Riding has been great (and my legs got big) but in 12 months I've lost most of the size I had before and am starting to resemble one of those "average people" with a plain body. So I'm putting a stop to that. I'll continue to ride for weight loss etc but will be back on the weights more permanently. I now have to work out how I'm going to do it. Having sold my gym and moving out of home I suppose I'll have to join a gym and cough up sh*tloads of money. I'm thinking the PCYC may be a good no fuss option. Anyway I'm back
  10. Price drop to $149. At a price like this, you'll think I've suffered brain damage!
  11. Nah wasn't me. Keep in mind I sold the R33 now so someone else is driving it around. Happy to separate let pull down bar and sell weights and bench for $198 (plus $1 labour fee) jokes.
  12. Hey all, Just thought I'd pop this on quickly in case some of the guys want a bench, lat pull down bar and weights for cheap. Pics will show you, it's a fairly simple set up and I'm only putting it up for $199 as it won't be able to fit in my new place. 60kg of weights (10kgs, 5 kgs, 2.5kgs and 1.25kgs) Adjustable bench (incline/decline), leg workout and lat pull down bar. I bought it for $500 at Rebel with 20kg's of weights 3 years ago and it hasn't been used in the last year. Pick up from my place in Chapman and if someone only wants the weights or the bench then I'm willing to separate. I'll be back on the forums and in training again around April next year. Winter in Canberra is just too cold to continue cycling so I'll be doing 6 months cycling and 6 months weights so I'll be back here in full force soon.
  13. Hey lads Unbelievably, the bike is ok. Some superficial damage, but all in all it's fine (needed some repair work though.) I didn't come off quite so well..... Tore a lot of skin off from various parts of my body, including legs, arms, shoulders, back, butt and hands. The main damage was that I separated my shoulder from my collarbone, not good! Its managing to heal though and will recover, although whether it will ever be 100% again is hard to say. The cuts have mostly healed and I don't think there will be a whole lot (if any) scaring. I went out for my first ride last Sunday. (back up Reh Hill, where I came off.) I don't lift anymore. It's just too much trying to balance 3 days of cycling each week, a busy work schedule (though not the 70 hours it used to be, thankfully) plus lifting and riding require two entirely different diets as 1 needs high protein and the other needs high carb intake. To give you an idea of how things have changed, here's what I ate today (note: I'm on a healthy program at the moment to take off another 3kgs to get very lean - makes hills muuuch easier!) Breaky: Fruit muesli (sp?) with yoghurt and a bottle of water Lunch: Fruit muesli with yoghurt and a banana (more water) Afternoon: Ride (another bottle of water) Dinner: Beef and mushroom caserole with mashed potatoes and carrots (also had a hot chock and glass of red wine) Bed: Another bottle of water. That's basically it until the 3 kg's go, won't take long, I'll be mixing snacks (fruit or almonds) in there between meals but didn't get around to it today. Slight change from a year ago huh?
  14. Sheesh, you go away for a while and look what happens! Haha. Yes, I am now a member of the clycra brigade. Recently out of hospital after coming off the bike at 70kms an hour and smashing into a Kangaroo! Can't help but think that never would have happened had I stayed in the gym, lol. Quite a bit of my size has gone but fortunately now that I cycle, I've never looked better. Good muscle base + no bofy fat = sexy Yld-Sky. After all is said and done here is what I learned from body building..... Eat a lot of protein, drink a lot of water, workout hard, squat as much and as hard as you can, sleep lots and you will get better gains that any other method. After the NO-Xplode cycle I took Marcos' advice and did the above, often and grew faster than ever before. So if you're still confused about what to do to grow and are looking for the next wonder drug, do this instead. Eat high protein food, drink water , sleep and shut up and squat. I'll post some pics of my crash soon. Andrew.
  15. Which you can then claim as a tax deduction.