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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    the strongest by bass modulators vrs. sentiments
  2. Federal Tyres Drift Attack 2011

    can some on pick me up lol
  3. New Chick from WA

    hi girls, im from perth to, im new to the forum. and i just wanted to say i hi i guess,
  4. hey! im from perth and i have only just got into cars about 8 months or so ago. im joining this forum to meet ppl that have the same car interests as me, as i don't know many cause most of my mates are not into cars. and actually hate the fact that i am lol i also want to learn more about cars, and read about other ppls experiences with fixing nissan sport cars. my most fav thing about cars is working on them. something goes wrong with my car often so im alwase trying to work out how to fix her.