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  1. things that annoy you

    When I come back to NS.com and the format is all changed. EDIT: 10 years old in two days, who's giving me a party?
  2. Gym wankers

    City Gym
  3. Gym wankers

    I train at a gym thatt's full of homosexuals, when they meet friends or whatever they hug and kiss on the training floor. Time and place people... but really the middle of the gym when I am trying to rip that last rep and you see that shit in the corner of your eye, session ruined.
  4. Are you looking for a gym buddy?

    Location - Sydney City Times - PM anytime, preferrable later when it's not so busy. But whatever Type - Weights, train 4 times a week. Gym - Looking for new gym, probably gonna go FF because I get discount through work.
  5. Respraying car guide

    Uhh I wasn't really asking for help, but thanks for your reply. I am sure if I create a guide to start with I am more then happy for people to comment and amend it. :-) I am just going to create a guide that works for me. It won't necessarily be the 'right' way, as our resources and tools are limited.
  6. Respraying car guide

    We have to repair the body kit, so I will certainly post some info/vids about that as it's a little different to prepare compared with the metal parts of the car.
  7. Respraying car guide

    Alright, I'll take some video, and make a diary to share with you all. Just got the engine out last night. Picking up the paint today. Going to start prep next week.
  8. Whats Your Excuse?

    I got to the gym 5 days a week, eat as much as I can as often as I can. I've put on 5 kilos in a month. I've now hit a plateau... I can't lift heavier because I don't have a spotter. I am doomed. /rant
  9. Respraying car guide

    Hey all, Been away from the car scene for a few years, but recently picked up a cheap MX5. I am going to respray it with my old man and am wondering if anyone would be interested in a a guide on how we do it? I did a search here but couldn't find anything... We are not professional by any stretch of the imagination but the job we do is above average. There are some videos on You Tube, but those guys are pro and have all the stuff, we don't have any fancy things really, just a garage and some basic paint equipment. I've taken some photos already... if there isn't much interest I won't really both about videos and just keep taking progress photos. Let me know, Dan Those photos are of the car when I got it... the car was originally white and had been resprayed blue, and they did a terrible job, missing parts, didn't even both to do inside the fuel filler...
  10. USA Holiday

    You need to apply for a green card online (us government website), its like $15 all you need is your flight number, where you are staying and personal details. Takes like 10 minutes to apply for, 3 days to clear. Go to Vegas. If amusement parks are your thing, I went to 6 Flags amusement park 30 mins from LA, it is massive, 3 times the size of Dreamworld, wicked fun. It was about $40 entry + $10 bus ride.
  11. Post your height & weight

    183kg 78kg When you add it together that's 261!!! What do I win?
  12. NS.COM's 'VETERANS' thread!

    I will never forget the VL flutter thread...
  13. What is with the DB errors been getting them all week at the most inconvenient times.
  14. OZ Lotto 90 Million

    Can someone post the numbers when they are Drawn I CBF changing the channel.