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  1. Post pics of your tatts

    Got this today, my favourite band is 36 crazyfists and the tattoo reads "i'll go until my heart stops" which is a song title of theirs. The metaphoric value of this statement is why its inked into my right foot, and to me it reflects on the passing of a dear friend, my love for my family etc.
  2. Alarm Companies - Adelaide

    Gt autosound or mobiltek installations
  3. key cutting & programming

    AAA Accredited Locksmiths

    Any drummers in adelaide looking to buy a kit give me a call 0457408477 http://adelaide.gumtree.com.au/c-Stuff-for-Sale-musical-instruments-percussion-drums-PEARL-FORUM-6-PIECE-DRUM-KIT-ZILDJIAN-CYMBALS-HEAPS-MORE-W0QQAdIdZ316683452
  5. The smartest overall Job

    I work in construction as a crane operator/rigger and there is alot involved in planning of lifts, crane positioning, the lifting gear to be used and the appropriate formulas and calculations to perform each task. The inherent danger is also one of the biggest factors and dogging a crane (instructing the operator) entails you are thinking one step ahead of everyone around you. Without going into too much detail, as a rigger/dogman you are responsible for people's lives on a daily basis and have to act accordingly. Being knowledgable on the subject is generally how your competency is based in other workers eyes (in a "rough and tough" environment) and the way you conduct yourself reflects astronomically. You have to use every part of your natural and unnatural thought process otherwise bad things happen, people die and it doesn't end there... I'm not a nuclear physicist by any means but I have save a life or two by being alert on site and at 22 years of age I have been places and done things with cranes that people could not perceive... That's my 2c