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  1. Can I use a CA alternator for parts for an SR Alternator?

    Yeah thats exactly what I mean Locky. if I can use parts out of the CA alternator to rebuild my SR one as the CA one was reco'd not to long ago and my SR one has shat itself.
  2. Does anyone know if a CA alternator can be used for parts for a stuffed SR alternator? Sick of not having the cash to buy a new sr one and I have a ca sitting around.
  3. jonesy's s13 drift pig/ road car

    hahaha thanks Dean, my biggest problem is lack of money so it's taking a bloody long time to get anywhere... the tailshaft is in and it was lucky that I did get that swaybar off of you as it was missing it and I didn't even realise. I have had one of the intercooler pipes made up from cooler to plenum and painted satin black, and I just need to get a pipe welded onto the hot side for the BOV. I have started on the air box but the first try seems to not have dried properly due to not enough hardener stuff and the weather being to cold so I'll have to try that again.
  4. 1973 Datsun 1200 Coupe SR20

    Love it mate I have a real soft spot for Datto's I had a 120y for 3 days before I wrote it off, would love another one but they're getting so f@#ken pricey now...
  5. I would like to know how other people have connected the power cable to the old battery terminel when doing a battery relocation? pics would be a great help too.
  6. jonesy's s13 drift pig/ road car

    Not too bad, the hardest part was trying to find the wiring diagrams online for the S14a. I couldn't find a manual or wiring diagram anywhere but in the end I downloaded various different manuals for boost controlers and other stuff to get some of the pinouts and in the end found this LINK which was really helpful. I also have to add that I haven't got to try to start it yet as I still need to get the piping weled up first..
  7. jonesy's s13 drift pig/ road car

    Mate there's nothing wrong with rough lol I'm not going for a show car just something that'll bag the tyres on the track and cruise home afterwards.
  8. jonesy's s13 drift pig/ road car

    Todays progress... Re fitted the exhaust, I need to get an extention for the dump pipe made up to go from 3" dowm to 2.5" as they chopped it when it was in the Navara and I'm running a standard looking exhaust for the blueslip, and before I cop shit about it not passing a blueslip I have already spoken to the guy that will be doing it and aslong as the air /fuel readings come back ok, the charcoal canister is still attached and its quite enough its should all be fine (including the mid mount cooler). Also stuffed around with the ideas for the air box as I'm wanting to make something that will run a standard filter and get air from over the headlight. Also stripped off front gaurds and started the filling in big ass dent on the passanger side rear quarter, I have 30mm rear quarters to put on later but until she's bluesliped and I have the extra cash to buy rims to fill them they're on the side line. I'll be repainting it all white for the moment until the gaurds go on then I'm wanting to go a dark red colour with the black roof. hope to have it ready to paint by next week..
  9. jonesy's s13 drift pig/ road car

    I thought I might as well put up some info and some pics of what I'm atempting to do with my Silvia. Any ideas and info would be a great help too as I'm doing this on a shitty budget so all work is being done by me. first of all was the conversion from the shit house CA auto to an SR20DET manual out of a s14a. (the motor/box came out of a navara I traded on my drift car. The wiring was a bit hacked at so it took some time to rewire to parts of the CA loom) My son looking like a bogan lol. It gets f@#ken cold where I live. As you may have noticed I have ditched the A/C for the mid mount intercooler.. So the first thing I built was a new radiator brace for it to sit on. The radiator is a bit bashed up but atleast it doesn't have any holes. now painted Next was the intercooler bracket and the top brace for both the intercooler and the rad. Now prep'd and painted mat black as wellas the cooler. just before I cop shit about it there is more reinforcing on the back of the bracket that I didn't take a pic of but it is very strong for what it needs to do, plus the bolts go from the intercooler through the box tubing and do up at the bottom of the bracket. and the finished product all together and in. always remember to messure twice and drill once (not like me ) I have also fitted the thermo fans from an AU to which I still need to wire up. anyone know the best cheap temp switch to use? Next comes the piping which was also from the Navara, also had a mid mount cooler, so from the turbo to the cooler just needed a little shortening but the intake side wouldn't fit so so-far I've cut up some old cooler piping I had and will need to get it welded up as I dont have a welder. Once the piping is finished it will also be painted black and with black hoses. There is still a shit load of stuff to do before she's on the road but hopefully it wont be long. I also need to get the BOV welded onto the piping and plumb it back, make a new airbox, relocate the battery, fix some damage on the passanger side etc etc. I'll update this thread as I go but I hope you like it so far, its a bit ugly at the moment but everyone needs to start somewhere right:thumbsup:
  10. Rowen Atkinson smashes his F1

    P.S. He also posted the fastest lap on Top Gears track just to ruin it for you
  11. Thats gotta suck balls hard lol Rowens crashed F1
  12. how to replace rear oil sealon g/box?

    :doh:ok guys I'll admit it.. I AM A *richard cranium*! I was stupidly trying to get the rubber off of the metal ring that is inside the seal and thats why I was having trouble.
  13. how to replace rear oil sealon g/box?

    there isnt a steel part. its just the small round rubber seal where the tail shaft goes into the gearbox.
  14. how to replace rear oil sealon g/box?

    I've been going at it with a small blade screw driver but its literally glued in there, I have got a little bit of it out but there is that much black shit still stuck to the metal that the gasket goes over. any suggestions as to a solvant maybe that will clean it off?
  15. hey guys, Im trying to replace the rear oil seal before I put the motor/box into my S13 but it looks like the previous owner has used black gasket sealer when they put it in so I cant get the barstard out.. has anyone got any ideas as to what I can do, its already split so it has to be changed now..