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  1. s15 parts (stock / aftermarket)

    Picture of Stock Sr front bar in standard blue, has been slightly trimmed to fit intercooler core please
  2. Many S15 Stock Parts (garage Clean Out) - $5

    Do you still have the S15 side indicators ?
  3. Wrecking a 2002 model Nissan S15 200sx

    What do you want for the pair of front guards ?
  4. Project 200SX

    In the process of building a new engine I have started to document the differences between various SR20 engines. There are some very subtle differences which are not very well documented else where so i thought i would share my findings with others From the information i have gathered so far, the best combination of engine block and cylinder head combination comes form the S15 but some parts exist in other models but not as a complete package. S15 Cylinder head - Casting 65F - Ribs on the front of the head - VCT head - 7mm exhaust valves S15 Block - Casting 65F - Turbo oil feed + Drain back - Oil Squirters (No idea how to identify this from the outside of the block) - Shallow water pump ( required to allow for extra oil feed to tensioner ) - Offset top mounting on timing cover ( required to allow for extra oil feed to tensioner ) - Extra bump in side of block above water pump ( required to allow for extra oil feed to tensioner ) More details can be found here : http://www.project200sx.com/index.php/sr20-engine-differences
  5. Parting s15 jdm sr20det

    Do you still have the Drivers side door and Drivers side front guard ?
  6. Wrecking a 2002 model Nissan S15 200sx

    Chasing after a drivers side door and drivers side front guard - I don't need the mirror or the door trim if they have been sold. Are these items still available
  7. Project 200SX

    Unfortunately I have no idea what make/model FMIC is fitted to the car - It was on it when I bought it and it has no labels or other markings on it
  8. Project 200SX

    I'm running Dunlop D01J 245/40ZRr Tyres on the back and Dunlop DZ03G 215/40ZR on the front. I'm using the older D01J's on the rear simply because I had them lying around.
  9. Project 200SX

    Since the previous dyno session I had fixed several leaks in the turbo plumbing which had slowly increased the boost pressure. I ended up blowing the turbo to pieces and whilst no one can give me a definative reason why the Turbo failed the cause of failure was clearly overheating so I decided the engine tune needed some more extensive investigation. A few more leaks were found around the throttle body.Also had a Haltech intakle air sensor fitted (previously not used) and the OEM water temp sensor replaced with a Haltech item. Testing revealed a dicky injector and an intermittent electrical fault on the CAS. New Injectors are being fitted and the CAS connector replaced.
  10. Nismo 2 way brand new S13/S14

    I'm after a spare centre with 6 bolt shafts for my S15 - What diff is this diff for ?
  11. Project 200SX

    Queensland Raceway
  12. Project 200SX

    After fitting a Haltech Wideband O2 sensor and a Haltech Boost Control Solenoid it was time to have the engine dyno tuned again to extract some more power. The first runs proved the engine was still producing the same HP - Final outcome was 220 HP @ 4000 RPM (up 100 HP) 275 HP @ 6500 RPM (up 40 HP) Keeping in mind this is a track car, I'm not after peak Horse Power - I'm after a flatter more tractable power curve. More info here : http://www.project20...ndex.php/engine
  13. Project 200SX

    The car is a track car only and as such does not need headlights. I have removed the headlamp assembly and left just the outer lens (painted black)
  14. http://www.roadandtrack.net.au/ or http://www.signatureperformance.com.au/
  15. Project 200SX

    Just got my S15 back from Kipart Signs - Now it looks more like a track car rather than a road car.