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  1. 1997 Toyota Chaser - $15,000

    Make : TOYOTA CHASER Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 75000 Price : $15,000 Condition : Used 97' JZX 100 5spd Very good condition interior and outside It has very low kms at 75000ish It has an Alpine head unit Cat back exhaust Tein coilovers, they are in good condition and dont leak. Fairly comfortable ride Work rims 19x8.5 and 19x9.5 Front castor arms (not fitted) But I might fit if I have time The motor is standard and has no bolt ons. Coming up to 5000km service which I will do before it goes Reged till March. Ive just started my own business and have no time for it and could also do with the cash. Call 0403 232 217
  2. Got my hands on a tig

    The more i research this, the more I realize how little I know LOL So much shit to learn, nothing like mig. Can someone explain when you would reverse the polarity? I know on my mig welder you reverse it when welding aluminium, whats the go with tig. Also Im not sure what all the dials are for, i may take a photo and post it up.
  3. Got my hands on a tig

    I got it of a mate, hes going away for about a year so Im learning on it lol. Ill have to give it back, and ill buy one then. What about cast alloy, same deal?
  4. Well ive been looking at buying a tig for a while now,i got my hands on a ac/dc 200 amp unimig tig. What I want to know is whether there is a gas that will do alloy and stainless steel. Also can anyone explain the difference between ac and dc welding.
  5. Keiichi2's Training Journal

    10.11.10 squat 10x60kg 2x100kg 12x127.5kg 12x127.5kg 12x127.5kg leg curls with blue bands 5 sets of 10 pressed blue dumbell 13x chins 12,7 supported rows 10x30kg 10x35kg 10x41kg 10x50kg KB complex
  6. Keiichi2's Training Journal

    thanks bud bench ppp 105x5 102.5x5 97x5 95x5 95x5 seated shoulder press for 10s 15kg 20kg 23kg 25kg 27kg 30kg some tricep work few chins sholders were a bit sore
  7. Keiichi2's Training Journal

    6.11.10 deadlift 10x70kg 12x120kg 12x120kg 12x120kg trap bar shrugs 10x67kg 10x97kg 10x127kg 10x147kg 10x167kg supported dumbell rows 10x27kg 10x32kg 10x35kg 10x37kg 10x41kg 10x50kg chins 10,5,4 side laterals
  8. Keiichi2's Training Journal

    6.11.10 bench paused first rep of every set 10x40kg 8x60kg 2x100kg 5x112.5kg 5x112.5kg 4x112.5kg 3x112.5kg 3x112.5kg front squat 4 sets of 5 at 80kg
  9. Keiichi2's Training Journal

    3.11.10 squat 10x20kg 10x60kg 2x100kg 12x120kg 12x120kg 12x120kg 12x120kg 12x120kg hyperextensions 2sets of 20 did some dumbell and barbell curls
  10. Keiichi2's Training Journal

    1.11.10 bench (started PPP) after warmups 5x102.5kg 5x100kg 5x97.5kg 5x95kg 5x95kg close grip board press 4 boards 10x80kg 10x90kg 10x100kg 8x110kg one arm dumbell press 10x22.5kg 10x25kg 10x27.5kg 10x30kg 5x32.5kg
  11. Keiichi2's Training Journal

    30.10.10 deadlift 10x50kg 5x80kg 5x130kg 3x160kg 1x180kg 1x210kg military press 10x40kg 5x50kg 3x60kg 1x70kg 1x80kg 1x90kg 7x70kg hammer curled the rack down no rest 5 reps incline dumbell press 10x20kg 10x22.5kg 10x25kg 10x27kg 10x30kg 10x32.5kg
  12. Keiichi2's Training Journal

    29.10.10 squat 5 sets of 10 wit h120kg ladder chins 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,4
  13. Keiichi2's Training Journal

    27.10.10 bench 10 sets of 5 with 100kg mucked around with some hangcleans wrists are still pretty bad seated shoulder press 10x23kg 10x27kg 10x30kg
  14. Keiichi2's Training Journal

    25.10.10 squat 10x20kg 10x60kg 10x90kg 5x120kg 5x140kg 5x140kg 5x140kg 5x140kg 5x140kg bench 5 sets of 10 with 80kg hang cleans 3x40kg 3x40kg 3x60kg 3x60kg 3x70kg 3x70kg shrugs 10x97kg 10x117kg 10x137kg 10x137kg
  15. Keiichi2's Training Journal

    24.10.10 incline benchpress 10x40kg 10x60kg 5x80kg 5x100kg 5x100kg 5x100kg 4x100kg 4x100kg 15x60kg after that did some fluff, curls,triceps,calf raises, chins, dips