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  1. Scott Mitchell Videographer - Howdy!

  2. So when's the next one???!
  3. Introducing my 180sxDriftPig to the world !

    yea if it was just gunna b for track i would be considering putting a 2way lsd but yea thats too dangerous to street.. i have had my eyes on the BC adjustable coilovers V1 series for a while now....
  4. Introducing my 180sxDriftPig to the world !

    Yea im not going to upgrade power for a while .. i want to slowly upgrade as my drifting ability gets better.. i do want to keep it mostly stock tho because it is going to be a daily as well for a little while. So yea shouldnt run into too many problems that way - fingers crossed!
  5. Introducing my 180sxDriftPig to the world !

    So just curious im wanting to put a 1.5way LSD on the 180 and adjustable coilovers+adjustable camber arms. I cant afford both at once, so which would be the most useful to get first with regards to performance for drifting ?
  6. WOOOOO - ALL PAID FOR! This will be a nice weekend filled with drifting super keen!
  7. Just curious as to know, if you have two people driving the same car do you have to pay the entry fee twice? If not, how much would it cost for two people to drive the same car?
  8. 140rwkw in stock ADM S15?

    my boyfriend's stock adm s15 back in the day apart from 3" exhaust, made 149 atw
  9. Introducing my 180sxDriftPig to the world !

    That's how you know your having fun! Welcome to the boards mate! Totally agree, ta! : )
  10. Gauges

    wow ok thanks lol ... who would of thought that installing such a simple device could cause so much headache! there is so much to consider - i think i am slowly getting more confused about this situation than before i began! lol but thanks this is all stuff that i need to know no matter how much i dnt like what im hearing aha
  11. Gauges

    ok thanks. no worriez i will def look into that
  12. Gauges

    ok any recommendations then?? - would a spin on help avoid this?
  13. Gauges

    ok any recommendations then??
  14. Gauges

    ok cool - what was it like installation wise? is there a reason u chose a spin on over a regular sandwich plate?