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  1. S15. Daily Driver to Garage Ornament

    looks sweet love the miss match perfect perfect combo. love the pick with sonefive two mean s15s
  2. Hopefully they teach theses crack heads a lesson. But lets be realistic the cword will be walking by lunch time
  3. MY 02 s15

    yesss, looking forward to seeing that bad boy missed it. gt30 time!!!
  4. in chrome settings i made the size smaller and it seemed to fix it
  5. same here. i tried chrome, explorer and firefox all cookies etc deleted and refreshed every time i open the page but nothing happening.
  6. SEX DR 200sx

    I haven't been this entertained in a while. Bling seems legit, more rides than disneyland. I would sink down into my wrx seat and be quiet!
  7. It was a great day with great cars. keep it as it is. If you want woman or food take a walk down jetty road eat have a perv and come back to the show. Its def not autosalon. Which is why we all went. Great work AJD team keep it up.
  8. MY 02 s15

    New rims are sweet as lookn dope
  9. elzys fat type x

    pumped and dumped my favourite
  10. JDM14A daily driver/track car

    great one four man
  11. S13 HIT AND RUN build

    love it