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  1. standard sr20 coilpac.

    no no just took the coil packs off and forgot what order to put them back in so 3 at the rear? or 2?
  2. Doaw it matter what order i put my coilpacs back in? they are numbered 1 - 4
  3. Dodgey turbo timer?

    its allways had the turbo timer in there. and that would make sence it has been sitting aroud for a bit. na Suspop its just lighting up saying off and thats it. wasnt doing it before.
  4. Hey guys and girls. I was taking my freshly fixed S14 for a boost in the hills and it was running mint! we stoped to get a coffe at a serco and than when we went to leave my car wouldnt start... was getting all lights stero everything was working but the car wasn't turning over or doing anything. eventually we decided to try and push start it and that worked!! was able to get her home safe but its still not starting. when i was trying to lookover it today i noteced every time i turned the key all the way on my turbo timer would light up and say OFF and than turn off again. i dont usually have it on due to it being a easy defect =(. can this be fixed or is it worth just taking it out? and is it hard to take out? Any advise will help as want to drive it again asap. Cheers
  5. Corona seats

    Hey guys, My driver seat in my Corona have given in on me, iv'e herd from a mate that celica seats should fit. Has anyone herd of this / know if they fit? cheers.
  6. Legal ride height..

    Thanks everyone for the help =) ive worked out that i defently need to raise my car haha
  7. Hi everyone, Im trying to work out what would be a legal height for my 4 door R33. Thanks =)