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  1. R200 Diff Ratios

    Thread revival. Long story short ive built an R32 GTS rally car. Its using the GTST brakes and hubs and currently has a 4.3 open ratio diff which i believe is from a 180sx as its an R180 with the small ears, 4 bolt rear cover and 3x2 bolt flanges. Firewall code suggests its meant to have a 4.1? If i recall correctly. Anyways, im planning on keeping the engine the RB20DE, so i cant use the extra HP of a turbo setup to benefit the launches and out of corner speed requirements im having. But what i want to do is fit a taller ratio diff. Something ideally around 4.9 or even 5.1. I need it to have LSD also. Welding it will not suffice. Is there any suggestions for what to look out for to fit my requirements? There is so much misinformation out there its becoming harder to precisely work out whats the best combination of parts. I was hoping to find the unicorn front r200 diff fitted in some navaras/pathfinders that ran the 5.1 ratio and pinch the parts to use in a vlsd r200 rear diff and use the 5x1 shafts and half shafts if needed. But not having much luck locating anything as yet. Ideally a clutch packed LSD would be best but im happy to shim the vlsd to accomodate what i need. Also plan to swap the rb20 gearbox to a z32 gearbox to assist a tiny bit in the wide gap between 2nd and 3rd. Affectively tightening that up a fraction. As down the straights, Its a sleeper. Very much appreciate any of your idead and assistance. thanks chris.
  2. Rex Kelway sucks.

    And where in SA does Rex reside? I wouldnt mind eye balling some of the craftsmanship and talking ideas and theories about design. The mad professor is right here it seems. If you're welcome to visitors Rex, please PM me. Would be great to catch up.
  3. Old School front lip options

    vw mk1 polo front lips fit up nice on the early datos. was a gb running on ozdat not so long ago. Not cheap but very good quality. Might be able to source one and have it blended to fit the 180.
  4. Show us your custom Intercooler Piping

    This is pretty neat. Like the look of this. Whos got some real fancy pipes made mostly from one straight piece? Seen a few ic pipework made like this. Very time consuming.
  5. Painting inner shell of track car

    por15 is a good product to coat everything in. It stops rust but also protects the metal surfaces. http://www.por15.com/ You can then paint over it with what ever colour you like. Ive been seeing a few kermit the frog green inners, and it looks pretty cool. Else wise colour code it.
  6. Paint bay

    If you want something that doesnt clash with the fancy colours. Go with a pale - mild grey. Will just blend and look ok with everything else. But if in your face is what you want, bold colours!
  7. Bolt in, weld in, all depends how perminent you want it all. I found with the last cage i played with (bolt in on a datsun 240k rally car) that the base plates were rectangular and square. Some needed to be cut down and modified so they fit in between the rails and other floor pan unaccuracies. The base plate is 5mm thick. Just standard 5mm mild plate steel. The bonus with a weld in underfloor section is that you can have the nuts weld to the plate, and then the frame simply sits in position and can be bolted in. No fudging around with holding the under plate, holding the nut and washer, then juggle the spanner with the bolt, etc etc. Next cage i do though i plan to make and weld in. Nice and tight fitment.
  8. ^ this is true too but still opt for getting the ones owed to you.
  9. Either call a wreckers for some stock 33 ones or buy them from fleabay. I cant recall exactly but i think one of them needs a different adapter to connect up to the stock hardline. Done quote me though.
  10. IACV blockoff plate

    ditto, just make them. Not worth the time and effort fart assing around with resellers. plus resellers charge too much.
  11. Whislt i agree with the above comments. Ive managed to get a mostly cylindrical bend out of one of these is with lots of lube. Very average benders unfortunately. Canterlever benders are the ducks nuts.
  12. I too would be asking the seller for them. All bolt in cages ive dealt with came with ALL the components. Did you get the bolt kit too with what you recieved? If not, i strongly think you've been short shipped parts.