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Found 52 results

  1. When I'm driving and take my foot off the accelerator the car doesn't stop revving for half a second or so. Noticed it when I started putting the clutch in to change gears and it would rev up. Has been happening the past month roughly, would happen for 10 minutes or briefly and go away though, not sure if it was related but would (while car was off) fully depress and let go of the accelerator a few times and problem would stop majority of the time. Now has become a consistent thing every time I drive it and I have to let off accel and wait a second before putting the clutch in. This a warped or frayed throttle cable? If that's the case was wondering if the S13/S14 throttle cables are the same as the S15 part. Or is it something else?
  2. So I recently bought a stock Spec S and had a Sr20det out of another S15 swapped into it. It’s been having an issue stalling when warm. (One of many issues). Ex: pulling up to a stop light on flat ground when the cars been running for 20 minutes, I put the clutch down all the way, blip the gas to get the RPMs up and it will stall out before the revs move. Won’t start for a few minutes at most. when slowing to a stop in neutral or with the clutch down it stalls randomly, won’t start for upwards to 5 minutes When the car is warm and I park it for more than 5 minutes, I’ll come back and it will turn over and then stall almost instantly. The previous owner of the engine just happened to have the same mechanic I have. I was informed that they installed a second coolant temp sensor in the dash with a toggle switch, when the car wouldn’t start he would flip to the in dash sensor and it would start. Mechanic said the CAS tested just fine, still don’t know what caused the cam damage. Car at has a straight pipe exhaust and constantly backfired on daily driving, and smelt extremely rich(I know...no CAT) so my though was instantly CAS, perhaps the mechanic didn’t test it properly? Also: found metal in the oil, opened the valve cover and the intake cam was scratched bad. Got Poncam’s being installed now along with a brand new Vct. Z32 MAF Front mount r32 fuel pump Any advice is much appreciated, been throwing so much money at a car I just wanted for a fun daily driver... A52D7969-1BC8-4238-B51C-DB58F36341E9.MOV 968C60A7-DC12-4628-8153-60C7C7A11509.MOV
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  6. Hi all, first time posting, sorry if im doing it wrong! Anyways, here’s my issue, I want to run 18 x 9.5 with 0 offset all round on my 14 and want to know if there’s any issues I might have with clearance. im running stock brakes, MCA coilovers, I don’t mind running slightly stretched tires, how well would this fit and or how much work to make them fit?! Thanks
  7. Hi guys, I've got a few general questions that have been stressing me out like none other. I have a 2002, ADM 200SX S15. 120,000kms on it. Almost completely stock; dose pipe, exhaust and small boost increase. Problem 1 This one is really stressing me; Any time I put it into any gear, as I initially put it into gear and accelerate; I hear this odd rattling/grinding sound coming from near the front of the car but not as far front as the engine. This sound comes regardless of which gear I put it in and will only last maybe 3 seconds after I have just put it into gear and as soon as I accelerate a little. I have also noticed it lasts a little longer or comes back when I turn left and accelerate? I had the clutch replaced about 6 months ago to an excedy heavy duty, this sound has been coming for about 1-2 months maximum. Problem 2 There is a rattling sound that comes from the engine when I start the car cold. It completely goes away and doesn't come back if I put the car into gear and start moving. It also speeds up if I leave it in neutral and accelerate a little (before putting it in gear). This is been there for at least 6 months now. Any help on these issues would be hugeeeely appreciated, thanks heaps.
  8. Help!! I own a 1991 240sx with an sr20det running 17psi. It has and Apexi power fc , Apexi neo, 500cc injectors, walbro 255 and some drive train mods. The car was driving fine and then suddenly lost all power. Got it home checked the fuses, the fuel pump fuse was blown so I replaced it. It started but only ran for about 2 seconds before killing. Bought a new fuel pump, same thing. Bought a new fpr, same thing. clean injectors and replaced fuel filter, same thing keeps happening. Runs for a second and then dies. Any ideas anyone????? I am stumped and sick of replacing parts trying to trouble shoot Kris
  9. Hey been wanting to buy a 180sx for a long time now but as I live in Tasmania there isn't much help about. Recently went looking at one locally (don't want to travel to the mainland to find one quite yet as funds don't permit). I love the car but I'm not sure if it is worth the amount they have on it it has a black top motor with 220kw or so and is amazing to drive but the exterior isn't great and needs work mainly with paint and a few scratches etc. Also a few other things seem to be dodgy and has 180000ks. For 8000 grand (may be able to decrease that) is it worth it?
  10. Is this my BOV?

    Hey I'm upgrading my blow off valve and not sure if this is it. Is this it??
  11. Hey buds I'm doing a sr20det swap because my Sr20de clapped (big end knock) and my silvia has an immobiliser. In my swap i have a loom, injectors etc blah blah blah i have it all. But will the immobiliser be a problem during my swap? or when i plug everything in should it all be good and run fine? Cheers
  12. S13 upgrade questions and help needed

    Hey everyoneee, So first off i know nothing about anything to do with cars. I can not jack a car up nor change any kinds of oil, just so everyone knows how bad i am. My dad and brother know how to do the mechanics but i need help with what parts to use, my goal is to just have a gripy as f**k STREET car. The mods already done are, HANDLING: *R32 GT-R rear swaybar *GKTECH Steering rack spacers *Tein HE coilovers *Cusco rose jointed adjustable castor arms (professionally rebuilt when installed for a hefty price) *Work Ryver Independence mesh wheels (17x8 and 17x9) BRAKES: *R32 GTST Front calipers (Alloy 4-pot, unlike 200sx which is steel) *Upgraded and upsized the brake master cylinder *Brand new slotted rotors, 4-stud drilled from blanks (rather than re-drilling 5-stud) DRIVELINE: *Manual transmission (turbo version) installed done at 13x,xxx km *Exedy HD turbo clutch (larger diameter than the N/A clutch) *Redline Lightweight oil used in the gearbox *KAAZ 2-way Limited Slip Differential (using genuine KAAZ diff oil) That's copied and pasted from the cars add when i bought it just so we again are on the same page as to whats already done to it BUT coilovers are hard as f**k and probably have no oil left, leaky break caliper and the tyre was on belts then came off the rim SO it now has Nankang NS-2R's all round. what are some mods that i can do to get it gripping as in what springs are people running is there a better coilover that isn't $1000 swap over rate, what brake rotors and pads should i use, strut braces etc etc i want to learn about this and see what brands will get me the best performance but not pay through the ass. Thanks!!!
  13. Hey guys I've just gotten back after having a chat to my tuner and it concluded with me going E85. I'm going to the dark side! I'm currently running SARD 850cc with 307rwkw on 98 and I obviously can't use the same injectors with E85 so I have the task on finding the right injectors, rail and fuel pressure regulator. Whats everyone running? I've heard a few bad things about ID2000's as in some threads they seem to have failed but others have had no problem at all. Delphi is one I got told to go with but cant seem to find much on it. Bosch seems to be the winner in my eyes but I could be wrong :/ Can anyone recommend anything?
  14. i went for a drive out of town on the weekend and i took a GPS with me for the trip, and i found out that my speedo is out. Doing 100kph on the speedo is actually roughly 88-90kph on the GPS, and 100kph on the GPS is shown as 115-118kph on the speedo. whats the best and most accurate way to recalibrate the speedo? all help is appreciated. thanks in advance
  15. Hi everyone i am trying to get opinions on coilovers and set ups for a s14 series one. Just after what brands are great value for the money and that last. Wanting to set it up as a firm ride and stiff for getting sideways when wanted but still grip and help with handling. It is not my daily only a weekend car and hoping to get into drifting on the track in the future.
  16. Wanting some more kws out of the Silvia but it is n/a, it has bigger cams and injectors at the moment but I'm just wondering if there is much more you can do to it. Want to get it up to around 150kw. Any Ideas ?? Cheers
  17. Hey there, Could someone let me know what places in Adelaide or the Adelaide Hills do dashboard flocking or suede upholstery etc? Don't know what the actual term is but I think you can understand what I'm saying haha....Want to get my s15's dash done at some point Cheers in advance!
  18. i recently purchased a polished sr20 rocker cover. When it arrived I noticed that there is no baffles in the rocker cover any more on the polished cover i have purchased. So my question is, are the baffles needed and if I should not install because of this? Can someone explain i would really appreciate it lol Thanks for your help it'll be appreciated
  19. Hey fellow enthusiasts, At the moment I'm thinking I may have to relocate my car battery in my s15 to the boot because I can't find one that will fit in the space that's there. Its due to my aftermarket intercooler piping that's going through the battery tray. Previously I have had the factory Japanese battery that was in there when I bought the car, then moved on to an Odyssey which died because the car wasn't started regular enough due to being more of a weekender. I've tried a Century battery and a SuperCharge battery so far but to no avail Has anyone got any helpful advice for me? Kits? tips? Cheers!
  20. Heyyy, Just wondering if everyone could list some aftermarket boost gauges that will fit in place of my s15's stock pillar boost gauge....For starters my stock oem boost gauge doesn't light up, its either been disconnected by previous owner or the bulbs blown. Either way I'm looking to replace it with something a little nicer. Thanks in advance! MAAAD!
  21. Hello Everybody, Lately my s15 has been randomly running like a bucket of crap with a hesitation to come on boost almost, the engine would also randomly switch off while I am driving occasionally and I would have to roll to a stop as no amount of normal roll starting will actually keep it going. At this point in time I open the bonnet, unplug and replug in my Air Flow Meter. After doing this, most of the time the car will run like perfect again. This leads me to believe that my AFM is screwed........ Someone please correct me if, it could be something else. Getting to the point, I have a series 1 s14 AFM sitting in the shed which is also a 3 wire AFM, but slightly different plug. I would like to know if it's possible to just cut the s15 plug off and attach the s14 AFM and plug I have sitting there. Alternately, does anyone have an s15 AFM laying around part number; 22680 69F01 AFH50-18A Any help would be appreciated. Thanx in advance
  22. hey guys i am having some problems with my 200sx s15, it is nearly all stock apart from exhaust, FMIC, and alloy radiator. it is coming onto boost extremely late around 4300-4500. you can hear it winding up before hand but honestly don't feel any type of boost till about the 4500 mark as i said. i have a few mates with s15's and s14's and when their cars were stockas they believe it was definitely coming onto boost with no lag what so ever and after taking my car for a drive they reckon something is definitely up. when installing the new radiator last night we tightened all the FMIC piping as well as blocking off 2 small broken nipple holes in the fmic piping as my car would get little shudders and nearly stall when dropping revs which we put down to boost/air leek, this did completely stop the shuddering problem but has done nothing to they laggy feeling of boost coming on. We also tried changing VCT solenoid because their wasn't a great deal of difference in the feel of the car after we disconnected the wires to the vct solenoid but after replacing the selonoid and hooking it all back up it was still the same. my VCT cam gear is a bit noisy and will be replacing quiet soon but have been told this shouldn't effect the performance of the car i was wondering before i go out and take my car to a mechanic and get them to find the problem via bloody hit and miss and lots of my cash, if anyone has any suggestions i should try out or if people have had similar problems?? thanks for any input people can give me as i don't have the cash for a mechanic to replace 10 things to finally work it what the problem was
  23. ok so ive got a sr20det in my s15 and its started making a ticking noise that goes faster and slower with engine rpm.. im not sure exactly what it would be because it doesnt happen when the engines cold and starts and stops randomly... has anyone else had this problem before?? the only things i could thik of was the rockers obviously but wouldnt that tick more when its cold because of larger clearances? Or the VVL... any help would be great cheers!!!
  24. Hey there, I've never purchased a car from another state so I was wondering, If possible could someone tell me how to buy and import an Evo like this..... http://www.carsales..../?Cr=19&sdmvc=1 Im just wondering what the process is of Inspecting, Buying and Importing an Evo like this Privately and then getting it to SA, complied and registered etc etc....If its possible.... Cheers!
  25. Hey everyone, I have recently purchased an unregistered S13 running an SR20DE, to get re-registered and fixed up for the streets. Now, if you look under the hood, there is definately a few things missing. -Looks like the air-con compressor is gone. airbox is gone and replaced with pod filter and mount. -No power steering, and upon further inspection, there are belts missing etc too. -No water overflow resevoir. -And the engine runs rough too. This is just what i can see from a casual glance. So.... my plan is to slowly start fixing all these issues and get the car running and have the engine bay looking like it should do. Does anyone know where i can get my hands on a Nissan Silvia S13 owners manual, as well as an SR20DE technical manual, so that i can start fixing all these problems??? Most i have found are on ebay or gumtree etc... instead i would like to actually walk into a shop and buy a brand new copy of each of these books. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. ~Kungfu Panda