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Found 5 results

  1. S15 JDM Rear Bar (NSW)

    For sale is a genuine JDM rear bar from a S15 in pewter. Has some scratches but noting major. $450 Price is firm Local pickup only
  2. want to swap s15 no holes boot for gt /jdm wing with boot pewter preferably with the centre support deleted! my boot is in good condition, no scratches, dents ect. message me directly on here or text me on 0432562257, located 4118 QLD
  3. S15 Bonnet & Front Bar

    Need a front bar and bonnet from an S15. Prefer pewter (silver) colour. Gold Coast area.
  4. Hey Guys and Girls, Thought I'd share my latest acquisition with you. I sold my S14 about 6 years ago and now and as of 6 weeks ago I am the proud owner of a Jap Imported 99 S15 Silvia. Heres the run down; Model: S15 SpecR Type B Silvia (Jap Import/ Factory Blue Suede Interior) Year: 1999 Colour: Pewter Silver Interior: Factory Blue Suede front seats and door cards (Type B Model) Mods: Blitz NUR 3" Turbo Back exhaust HKS coilovers Blitz FMIC (anodised black incl. piping) Phillips HIDs T10 LED parkers and numberplate lights Kenwood Headeck Sony Front and back speakers (front 6.5" splits w/tweeters drilled in next to door handle, rear 3way 6.5" coaxials) Custom Numberplates 15SIL Earls Braided turbo lines Future: 18x8Fr 18x9.5Rr Bronze Work Emotion CR KAIs or LMGT4s Electronic Boost Controller GFB Stealth BOV Nothing to crazy as this is my daily driver. My other car is a 2009 VE HSV Clubsport R8 Tourer Wagon (manual) known as R8WAGZ
  5. Welcome to my S15 Build Log! About Me: This is my first turbo car and as you'd expect, it's a horrifying experience at first but I'm slowly getting use to it (until I change the tires again). I'm not really a "car" guy but I have a history of taking my hobbies a little too seriously so whilst the learning curve may be steep, it shouldn't be a massive issue in the long term. I kind of dropped off the computer modding radar in a big way after leaving my previous job and it's been a refreshing experience to switch to something different and new for a bit. No doubt I'll get back into computer modding much further down the track but for now, the S15 is my new time vampire. The Car: I bought a car that can usually be found gift wrapped to a pole or a tree and decided to start my hobby off from there. The car was fairly well internally modded when I bought it so the majority of the mods from here on in will be fairly cosmetic. To elaborate, the car came with an eboost controller (10, 12, 15psi), 190kwrw, intercooler, HKS coilovers, Koyo racing aluminium radiator - Walbro performance fuel pump, Turbo back fujitsubo legis R exhaust, HKS Strut bar, HID's etc. Basically, the car was fairly well kitted out when I got it. It's been delimited (JDM) but the speedo needle still stops at 180km/hr, something that's not really an issue until I decide to take this thing on the track. Work Begins: First thing I did was get some new rims on the car and put some spare semi slicks I had hanging around. The guy I got to do it was on Parramatta rd, decently priced and he also had a pet cockatoo that was quite the talker. With the new rims and tires on, I decided to get rid of the wing. For now I'll be plugging the boot holes and looking for a new wingless boot in pewter grey (which is quite difficult, been calling wreckers and searching gum tree for weeks now). I'm looking to put a C-west style front bar and I'm undecided about what to do about the rear although I'm fairly adamant that I won't be installing any rear pods. I don't mind the pewter gray for the large part but if I had more money than sense I'd be respraying the car in yellow. Here's my to do list, suggestions most welcome: 1. Paint calipers (haven't decided on colour) 2. Buy and install a duck lip, possibly this one. 3. C-west style Front Bar 4. Find a second hand washer bottle, the previous owner removed it due to the intercooler piping install. 5. Find and install the most expensive wiper blades known to man. 6. Create a fairly decent looking pod cover using basic machinery (since I have sold my CNC). I'm thinking acrylic 4.5 or 3mm. 7. Still undecided but maybe I'll get a top roof spoiler 8. If I have spare money to throw into the fire, I'll get onto a permanent solution to the VCT Rattle which is by and large the most annoying thing about the car at this point. Meanwhile, my Rota Steel lugs have come in! They require a special tool to screw them in an out so there's less chance of anyone robbing my wheels. On top of that, they look absolutely mint and will go well with the calipers when I paint them neon blue. A mate of mine installed some speakers into the back and both doors. Replaced the head unit as well! This is my semi ghetto way to strap down my new sub box, I need straps. My mate drilled some holes into the parcel shelf so I could have a tail light. Previously the tail light was on the wing which I removed. One step closer to looking legal. Thankfully, I had bought a pewter colour boot from the wreckers Fits like a charm. If anyone knows how to get this stuff off, let me know. Next up, the brake calipers. Gave it a spray and clean with rubbing alcohol and it was ready to paint. The surface is pretty rough and the paint should stay on without issue. A plastic bag worked a treat, after taping up some of the more important caliper components, we started our first coat. It was a good time to have a peak at the HKS coilovers that came installed with the car. These go for like 1500, crazy. The previous owner went quite hard out. Coat number one. The rears got some love as well. After it all dried, I got to work on sanding back the Nissan logo. Before After! Massive dfference with the new lugs too. Time for the other side. The finished rear pads. Had some caliper paint left over so I sanded down my intercooler plate. I had to go pick up my woman so the paint can stay on the text for now. I'll sand it back to black later. This thing is the bomb, Koyorad ftw. There was a request a while back to see what's under the bonnet. It's all looking fairly messy under there. Can't really see the handy work on the wheels here but all's good. I'm gonna wash the car in a few days when the caliper paint completely cures. Then it's photoshoot time. Next up, installing a washer bottle and maybe getting a rear window spoiler + ducklip spoiler combo. Also might be getting a new front bar. More to come!